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Hear from tech-enabled travellers and what role technology plays in their travel

For our exclusive report Understanding the tech-enabled traveller we talked with a group of 30 tech-enabled travellers to learn about the role of technology in their trips.

In this video, the travellers share their experiences, thoughts, and preferences – including what they expect from properties they stay at. You’ll meet some of the travellers we talked with, and hear them discuss the balancing act between the efficiency of tech and the authenticity of travel.

The travellers we spoke to told us they aim to use their smartphones and other technology to help take the friction out of travelling – without removing the human touch. Having access to technology as they explore lets them be more spontaneous. They’ve become their own travel agents, yet they still value locals-only tips from their hosts.

It’s clear from listening to them in their own words that technology has transformed the way they travel, but it hasn’t replaced their desire for authentic escapes and the human touch.

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Boost direct bookings with a stunning website

Your property is unique – and your website should reflect that. You’re unlikely to get many bookings if guests can’t see what sets your property apart, if your website looks outdated, or if it doesn’t adapt to all devices (including mobiles). Most importantly, if there’s no booking engine on your website, you’ll struggle to get any at all.

WebDirect solves all those issues. With a WebDirect website, you’re guaranteed a modern, mobile-friendly website that can show off your property’s unique features and attract more guests from all over the world.

Optimised for search engines and translated into multiple languages, your WebDirect website exposes your property to a wider audience, so you can attract more guests.

And with a powerful booking engine, those guests can make a reservation in just a few clicks, meaning you’ll boost direct bookings with ease.

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The online booking system that changed a business


Hayley used to struggle to get direct bookings. Visitors to her hostel’s website would need to fill in an enquiry form to check availability, and then if she had space, they’d have to send her their card details by fax or email. All in all, the hassle meant a lot of potential guests didn’t end up staying at Hermanus Backpackers.

But one day, she got an email from BookingSuite about putting an online booking system on her website. Despite a lack of technical know-how, Hayley added it onto her site with ease – and within two weeks, she’d already got 25 direct bookings completely commission-free.

Watch as Hayley explains how she overcame her initial skepticism and apprehension about the technical aspects of this hotel reservation system. You’ll hear about the immediate impact that the new button had on Hermanus Backpackers – and how it keeps delivering an easy, secure experience for guests, and commission-free bookings for Hayley’s property business.

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See how using the BookingButton makes direct bookings easy

BookingButton makes it surprisingly simple to add a secure booking engine to your existing website or Facebook page. It’s a mobile-friendly booking engine for hotels, BnBs, and everything in between that’s easy for you to set up and manage, and easy for your guests, too. It lets you accept secure, direct bookings, and makes it easy for guests to book instantly and directly on your website or preferred social media page. You can offer guests their choice from more than 50 currencies and 40+ languages, so they always feel welcome.

You can control the booking experience by changing the colours, designs, logos and photos to match your website and your brand. And since we sync your rates and availability with, you don’t have to worry about your site being out of date or overbookings. Any direct booking you get through BookingButton is automatically accounted for in your room inventory.

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Watch how our App Store works for you

Travellers today rely on technology like smartphones to make travelling easier than ever. accommodation partners of all types and sizes can also use hospitality technology to help deliver the seamless stay guests expect.

In fact, 27% of the small and medium-sized hotels we surveyed are already using tech specifically designed to improve the guest experience.

But with thousands of different solution providers targetting different markets and property types, it can be tough to find and evaluate all of the options available to find tools that work for you – and for your guests.

That’s why we created the BookingSuite App Store. BookingSuite App Store is a collection of hospitality solutions from trusted providers that can help accommodation partners remove some of the friction their guests experience.

Our App Store makes it easy to discover, evaluate, and buy hand-picked hospitality solutions all from one place. We make it even easier by showing only the apps most relevant to the property type, size and location.

All apps come with a free trial period and no long-term contracts. We also save you time by automatically syncing your data with your new app so you don’t have to enter information manually.

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How a new website increased Andy’s direct bookings


Andy Walters is the owner of Petrock Holiday Cottages in southern England, a lovely rural property that always gets great reviews from guests and a high review score on But despite his high scores, he wasn’t getting as many bookings as he wanted.

He knew that his hotel website needed a makeover. It didn’t adapt to different devices like mobiles, and there was no way for guests to make direct bookings through it.

To improve business, he signed up to WebDirect, BookingSuite’s professional website building solution. With his new website, he had the control to add all kinds of content, including videos, whenever he wanted. He could make any changes he needed on his own, and they’d be reflected instantly online. His page looked professional on any device, and all his website content could easily be translated into multiple languages.

As a result, Andy increased direct hotel bookings, including from foreign guests, and his stylish website conveys the uniqueness of Petrock Holiday Cottages in a way his old site never could. Hear how a new hotel website benefited Andy’s business.

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What modern digital travellers expect

These days, digital technology is fully ingrained in people’s lives. And it’s not going away. A huge number of travellers now use nothing else but a computer and a mobile device to search, book and manage their trips – and that number is going up every year.

As more and more travellers handle various aspects of their lives digitally, the accommodation industry has to keep up with changing demands. Increasingly, the modern digital traveller expects accommodation providers to do more than simply be available online.

Today’s digital traveller wants a seamless guest experience, all the way from search to check-out – and beyond. That means quick replies, seamless transactions and personalised services, anytime, anywhere.

The good news is that keeping up with travellers’ evolving expectations isn’t as hard as it sounds. It just requires you to embrace technology, try out new features and discover how they benefit both your guests and your business as a whole.

In this video, we follow three guests to discover some of the technologies they rely on for a smooth experience – all of which are available from BookingSuite’s App Store.

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