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How a new website gave Stefan more control

When big changes happen, it’s not always as a result of grand plans. Sometimes, the smallest things can bring about major improvements in life – and business.

That’s certainly the case for Stefan Wocher, the property manager of SeeHotel Amtshof, a picturesque 14-room boutique hotel on the shores of Lake Constance, in the German Alps. The historic building dates back to 1590 and all rooms and suites are unique in itself.

Stefan is the seventh generation of Wochers in charge of the hotel, which has been in the family since 1821. His two sons are set to continue the tradition, too – both are studying hospitality at university.

For years, the Amtshof had an agency-run website, which Stefan describes as “not professional”. It was only in German, so could never reach an international audience of guests. It didn’t have a booking engine, so it wasn’t bringing in reservations. And any time Stefan wanted to update anything on the property’s website, he had to contact the agency. “Sometimes they’d do it in one week, sometimes one month,” he says.

But one day, things changed. Stefan wanted to add a photo to his website, so he sent an email to the agency – but got an auto-reply saying they were on holiday. Even though the update was relatively small, Stefan decided that he’d had enough of waiting around.


Coincidentally, Stefan had just received an email about WebDirect, BookingSuite’s property website solution. As well as offering the Amtshof the chance to have a professional-looking website, he saw that he could make his own updates whenever he needed. “I knew this was the right way,” Stefan said.

Immediately, Stefan could see that it was “very, very easy to handle. I’m nearly 60 – everything I do has to be easy. If it’s easy, I can be successful.”

Make your homepage with WebDirect by BookingSuite. Do it tomorrow. Not in one week, tomorrow. This is a great, great tool. It’s very good for small and middle-sized hotels.
- Stefan Wocher, property manager

Since launching his WebDirect property website, Stefan hasn’t looked back. Now he can make updates whenever he wants – be it photos, pricing or availability – and all the changes appear immediately on the new website. “It’s very fast, we can do everything ourselves – we don’t need any agency,” Stefan says.

As an owner who likes to adjust his rates regularly, this change has been massive. “We take less time and feel that it’s all safe. That feeling is very important for us. We are a small hotel, we must feel safe in what we’re doing. We don’t have to spend time looking to see if everything is OK because we know everything is OK,” says Stefan.

As well as making life easier for Stefan, the website has also made it easy for guests to book direct. Within a year, 12.5% of the Amtshof’s bookings were coming through the WebDirect website.

Inspired by the positive results of his investment in technology, Stefan felt confident taking his steps into the world of social media, too. A few months after seeing the impact of his new website, he created an Instagram account for the Amtshof. He has been regularly posting photos of the hotel and its beautiful Alpine backdrop – along with a link to the Amtshof property website.

As a result, word quickly spread about the hotel, and since then, 30 new social media followers have been signing up every single day – something that’s brought unexpected results to the hotel’s direct bookings. “We have a lot of people from France this year, last year there was nobody. Half of these people came because they saw us on Instagram,” Stefan explains. In fact, the Amtshof receives 15% of its total revenue from social media links to the website.

Stefan’s decision to switch to a WebDirect website has resulted in increased online exposure, a boost in direct bookings and more time for the hotel staff to dedicate to the most important part of their business: their guests.“Before, we had no time for our guests. Now we can look after them,” Stefan says.“We’re relaxed! And the guests are happy.”

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Gain confidence with a rate management tool

With its elaborate tiled floor and painted ceiling panels, Hotel Royal Gothenburg is one place where it’s clear that history and tradition mean a lot.

It’s the oldest hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has been owned and run by the same family since 1852. The Royal displays the kind of old-world charm that has loyal guests coming back again and again.

So when the their long-serving revenue manager was approaching retirement, he wanted to leave the hotel in good hands – with someone who could bring it into the 21st century while upholding its proud traditions.

That person was Mattias Niklasson, a young hospitality professional who always wanted to work at a hotel that had “something special” about it.

Until Mattias came along, the hotel relied on the intuitions and long-standing knowledge of his predecessor. “It wasn’t that his theories or rates didn’t work, but we also saw that there was some room for improvement, if you could more accurately pinpoint the rates on certain dates,” Mattias says.

So as the hotel revenue management reins were being handed to Mattias, they decided to seize the moment, and try out a rate management tool that would give him an overview of his competitors’ average rates as well as demand forecasts for the Gothenburg area.

It’s a good confidence boost, it’s a big help. It would be a lot harder if I didn’t have a tool like this.
Mattias Niklasson - Revenue Manager

This information gave Mattias a lot more confidence setting rates day-to-day, and well into the future. “It’s not always raising the prices that will improve things,” he says. “It’s not that easy.”

For example, seeing the information on upcoming demand and local events lets Mattias be more strategic when managing his inventory of rooms. “Do we want to sell them early, or hold on to them and sell them last minute? Things like that, now we can think differently than we used to.”

Not only has the technology revolutionised the hotel’s pricing approach, it’s also been a real time-saver for Mattias.

“One thing that took a lot of time was manually searching for different hotels on different dates – to look into one hotel at a time, compare and write it down. That’s how we did it before but now we can compare multiple hotels at once,” says Mattias.

Despite its traditional roots, Hotel Royal Gothenburg has modernised its way of working – and its adoption of rate management technology is reaping the rewards.

“It has made my job way, way easier,” says Mattias.

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Improve your online presence with an easy web tool

When Catharina Tengwall’s boss decided to add a commercial aparthotel to his portfolio of residential apartments, she knew the key to success in the accommodation business would be to embrace change – and technology.

“I’m eager to learn. I have an open mind,” she says.

Today, Catharina is the reservations manager at Hotel Torslanda Studios, a 36-unit aparthotel outside Gothenburg, Sweden. With car maker Volvo’s headquarters just a few kilometres away, the hotel attracts lots of business travellers through online channels like

However, Catharina had less success through the property’s original website because it was just a small section of the residential property management company’s overall website. So it was hard for guests to find Hotel Torslanda online – and there was no way for them to make a direct reservation.

“It didn’t generate any bookings at all – I had maybe two or three requests over one-and-a-half years,” Catharina explains.

The old website also lacked the user-friendly finesse and customisable content that you get with a professionally designed website. “It’s a lot nicer to have a website where you can choose the colours and so on, to give it a nice look,” she adds. So, Catharina sought out another solution. “I checked a few other tools like WordPress, but it seemed very complicated,” she says.

That’s where WebDirect came in. After being impressed by another property’s site that used the site-building platform, Catharina made a business case for creating a dedicated website for Hotel Torslanda Studios. Both felt it was worth the low commission cost, given how easy WebDirect was to set up and use.

“Maybe the greatest surprise was that it was that easy,” Catharina recalls. “I couldn’t imagine it was so easy to make a website.”

It was nice to be able to work with my website at my own pace. There were no problems, and you could follow the development all the time. So I think it was very nice to work with, very easy.
Catharina Tengwall - Reservations Manager

After a quick initial set-up that pulled content from the hotel’s existing profile, Catharina added her own touches. She listed local landmarks and chose additional languages to attract a broader segment of guests to her new website.

“You can publish it immediately, and everything goes online as soon as you do that. It’s really easy to get around if you’re a beginner as I am,” she says.

Not only was Hotel Torslanda’s new website easy for her to use, its new design and functionality also made for a much better experience for prospective guests.

“It’s easy to get around if you’re a guest looking for answers – you can easily find them. And that’s how a website should be,” she says.

Having become a website wizard overnight, Catharina’s already planning her next move – mastering social media. She’s started an Instagram account for the hotel, and plans to connect it with the new website to boost her online presence.

“We’re quite new in the hotel business. We’re trying to take small steps everyday,” Catharina says. “It’s changing all the time, and we have to be on our toes.”

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Deliver a great guest experience for less

In southern Italy, family means a lot – and Hotel Ascot is no exception. Located in the province of Caserta, this property has been a family affair since its opening in 2014.

It’s here that owner Antonio Iannotta works, alongside his wife and parents. The Ascot is a small hotel with 12 rooms, and a friendly atmosphere that Antonio describes as “informal”.

The hotel is around 30 km from the nearest major tourist attraction, and when the family first opened the hotel, they had difficulty getting the hotel’s name out there for guests to find. So they started looking for technology tools to help tell the world about Hotel Ascot.

Instant access to millions of guests

The Iannottas were clear that promoting their property online was the way to go, so they hired a local web design company to build a website for them. However, with few bookings coming in, they struggled to see much return on their investment.

That’s when they found out about WebDirect by BookingSuite, a website solution for properties. After signing up, the initial setup was completed in only a few seconds, and the Iannottas had their own professional website with all’s years of expertise behind it.

The benefits were visible almost immediately, with a 30% increase in direct online bookings. “With this system we managed to reach the top positions on search engines, almost at no cost,” says Antonio. He easily set up an SEO strategy from the website’s backend and purchased a custom domain as well. “It gave us direct results, and indirectly, thanks to the visibility, we have become the main attraction for the area.”

Quality apps in one easy store

With an effective website bringing in guests from all over the world, the Iannottas were keen to see if there was more hotel technology that could help push their business forward.

Initially, they tried using search engines to find what they were looking for. But without an easy, trustworthy way of identifying useful tools, they struggled. “We weren’t offered the best service available on the market,” says Antonio.

Since WebDirect was working so well for them, they had a look on BookingSuite’s App Store, a collection of tried-and-tested apps for independent properties. Antonio was amazed by the difference. “ has great experience in selling rooms and promoting properties, so I’m sure that they choose the best companies offering these products in the market.”

“Using App Store was easy and intuitive. It lets you choose the product that is most suitable for your business,” he says.

BookingSuite’s App Store offers valid products. It allows you to save on operational costs, it lets you optimise staff management and it is suitable for various types of properties (small, medium and larger sized companies). It helps manage the property both internally and externally, so it helps with customer relationships.
Antonio Iannotta - Hotel Owner

Simple ways to improve service

One of the tools Antonio found on App Store was a programme designed to collect guest feedback quickly and easily. This chimed perfectly with Hotel Ascot, because “since the very first day we set customer satisfaction as a main goal. We really need to get real, direct feedback from the customer.”

With the new guest review app, they’ve been able to send quick feedback requests to guests’ mobile phones, even during their stay. This has alerted Hotel Ascot’s staff to issues that they’d never considered before. One time, a guest made a comment about the toiletries, “and we managed to fix it immediately,” adds Antonio.

That way, staff have been able to turn potentially negative guest experiences into positive ones straight away. “We manage to solve them instantaneously, while the customer is still staying at our hotel,” he explains.

The unexpected benefits of the new technology didn’t stop at creating great guest experiences. Antonio and his colleagues also managed to save the salary of an additional employee. “If the same person who’s sitting at reception manages to solve these situations while checking in people, it’s great […] Now we have one person in reception managing everything,” explains Antonio, estimating a €12,000 savings.

It completely simplified our business life. BookingSuite’s App Store helped us reach the best business result in the shortest period, using as little staff as possible.
Antonio Iannotta - Hotel Owner

What started with a search for a better hotel website has ended up with the Iannottas building a successful business. The family’s willingness to embrace technology has really proved fruitful – not only with more revenue, but with better guest experiences and a more efficient operation.

“Without, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” Antonio says.

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How a hotel rate shopping tool can boost occupancy

Zoltan Kovacs is a busy man. As a Revenue Manager for the Gorgeous Smiling Hotels chain, his job is all about maximising profit for seven different hotels around Austria, including the 45-room Arthotel ANA Gala in Vienna.

At the heart of his day-to-day job is a series of Excel documents, tracking the rates, revenue, yield, demand and pick-up for each of his seven hotels.

Scouring the internet for other hotels’ prices and manually filling in each sheet is a painstaking process. “I work on them all day,” Zoltan says. “If you do all this manually, it takes a long time.”

But the process isn’t just slow. This back-and-forth has been leading to lost business, because Zoltan fails to get a clear picture of what’s happening in the market – meaning he can’t set competitive rates based on real-time demand. As a result, Zoltan might underprice or overprice his rooms.

“You can’t react to the changes on the market promptly, so we can lose revenue and guests as well,” says Zoltan.

However, a colleague of Zoltan’s told him about RateIntelligence, a rate shopping tool from BookingSuite. This tool instantly showed Zoltan which room categories the properties in his competitive set were selling, and at what price – meaning a large chunk of his day-to-day tasks were automatically done for him.

graphic design showing how you can increase your occupancy by 20 percent with a hotel rate shopping tool

Zoltan saw the benefits of the tool immediately. “It’s much faster. I can save up to two hours per day,” he explains. “With that time, I can plan the next month, I can make new promotions, I can check my list from last year. I can calculate next month’s budget and which strategy I can use to get a high ADR and RevPAR.”

For Zoltan, the benefits of the rate shopping tool have gone beyond simply freeing up time. The information he gets about his competitive set can let him adjust his whole rate strategy with confidence.

“I check which price my competitive set has. I use RateIntelligence to figure out if my revenue strategy will be OK or not, if it’s too cheap or too expensive. I can go to RateIntelligence and it helps me figure out which strategy I should use,” he explains. With so much of extra time and useful information, Zoltan was able to devise a whole new rate strategy for the Arthotel ANA Gala.

If you’re looking for a nice tool that’s easy to set up and easy to use, this is the perfect one.
Zoltan Kovacs - Revenue Manager

By using a rate shopping tool, he noticed that properties in his competitive set were selling rates without breakfast. “This was really great information for us to understand the market better. They were selling rooms cheaper and we only had rates with breakfast.”

So he added rates without breakfast, and adjusted the differences between his categories – and it worked. Since implementing the change in his revenue strategy, Zoltan’s seen a boost to the property’s pick-up and occupancy. When reflecting on high season at the hotel, he says: “it’s now at 86% occupancy, which is really good. In 14 days my occupancy has gone up 20%. That’s really high for two weeks in August and September.”

Using the tool has made Zoltan’s job so much easier. In fact, he compares RateIntelligence to having an extra colleague solely dedicated to the market’s rates and ever-changing demand. “It’s like somebody sitting beside me and doing one person’s job for seven hotels,” he smiles.

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How a new hotel website helped Andy stand out

Read Andy’s story

After a career in PR and local tourism, Andy Walters just wasn’t ready to retire. Instead, he has spent the past four years putting his expertise to good use by promoting Petrock Holiday Cottages, two self-catering properties set in a converted barn in Devon, England. It’s an idyllic location that attracts surfers, cyclists, and anyone looking to escape city life, and Andy takes pride in presenting guests with the perfect rural retreat.

“It’s always pleasing if you can provide guests with a great holiday experience. Our score is 9.7 on, so we mostly get it right,” he says, modestly.

However, Andy’s own hotel website couldn’t keep up with his passion for promoting Petrock. “Our old website didn’t have a diary attached, so we didn’t get any bookings through it. It was very crude,” he explains. “I also realised that it wasn’t working at all on mobile devices.”
Andy had tons of ideas for unique content that would set him apart from competitors. But he needed a website that would let him add his own pages, something that looked professional on any device.

He found such a platform in WebDirect.

“I had a look around, but this seemed to present a very good website for a minimal cost. It pulls across info from, and from there you can modify it,” says Andy. After a quick set-up, Andy gradually added his own customised content to the site, from local landmarks and area photos, to video tours of the cottages. He’s had great feedback from guests.

“I try to provide as much information as possible, so there are no surprises. That results in happy guests because they know exactly what they’re going to get,” offers Andy. “Having control of my own content is brilliant. It makes life so much easier.

You can create a website that works for you, with the information you need. It’s very easy to use.
Andy Walters - Property Owner

Since his new multi-language, SEO-optimised hotel website went live on his custom web address Andy has noticed a number of positive outcomes.The property tops the rankings for unpaid search results on Google, is receiving direct bookings and attracting more continental Europeans, “the kind of customer we wouldn’t have been able to reach before,” says Andy.

The website also presents information superbly well on tablets and phones. An integrated booking engine has a large impact as it saves staff a lot of time.“I don’t have to rush around and look at, or update, any other diaries. Reservations from and our own site come through on the same platform. So it’s also easy to change rates and availability in one go,” explains Andy.

The biggest change, though, is the increased online presence and competitive edge that Petrock Holiday Cottages now enjoys. When it comes to marketing his property, Andy’s modern website helps him punch far above his weight.“We’re a micro-business.

It’s put us almost on a par with the big boys because our website looks as good as their website,” he says. “I’m more than happy with that.”

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How Hayley revolutionised her business with direct online bookings

Sometimes the best things in life come when you take a leap into the unknown. That’s certainly the case for Hayley Van der Walt, whose Hermanus Backpackers hostel business is a direct result of that bold, enterprising spirit.

Hayley and her husband Braam came to Hermanus over 20 years ago as backpackers, keen to try out this South African town’s famed shark diving and whale watching. With a lack of budget accommodation in the area back then, they were forced to overspend on a few nights in a higher-end hotel – which got them thinking. Having spent four years backpacking around the world, Hayley says that they “were clued up on what was expected at a backpackers. Although neither of us had ever worked in hospitality, we’d spent enough time travelling to know what we’d have to do to pull it together.”

And so in 1999 they took the leap and set up Hermanus Backpackers, a 14-room hostel.

“In those days, it was all telephone calls, the internet wasn’t a big deal. People would just turn up. You’d have a quiet week and that was the way it went,” Hayley recalls.

As the internet age gathered pace, they decided to set up a website for Hermanus Backpackers as a way of getting their name out there. But without a way to book rooms on the site, the booking process was slow – and they ended up losing a lot of bookings as a result.

“You only had the option to fill in an enquiry form, which would come through to the reception’s computer. Then we’d send them a confirmation letter and a booking form to fill in with their credit card details, which of course people are very reluctant to hand over these days,” Hayley says.


“So it was all just done manually. Then I’d have to go to and release the availability so somebody else didn’t book the same room.”

“Then one day I got an email from that said something about a BookingButton, that you can install this button on your website for 10 euro a month. I thought ‘that looks difficult, but it also looks too good to be true’.”

It’s much faster and much more efficient and much more secure – for the customer as well as for us.
Hayley Van der Walt - Property Owner

“So I clicked the link because I wanted to see the small print, and it kept saying that for 10 euro a month, you can have your own button that lets guests book directly with you – and I still didn’t believe it.”

To her surprise, Hayley was able to embed the button herself. “Boom. It worked straight away,” she says.

Now Hayley has been able to move on from the long, drawn-out process of enquiry forms, waiting for replies and manual availability updates. “It’s a great opportunity for me and my staff to say: ‘No problem, you don’t have to give us your credit card details, just click the button on the site,’” she says.

“It’s cut down the whole process now. There’s no need for our customers to fill in booking forms and give me their credit card details because I will now direct them to our website and say: ‘Book it there’.”

It’s secure for the customer, they can relax in the knowledge that they’re not sending their card details over email. Not only that, it’s commission-free and so easy.
Hayley Van der Walt - Property Owner

With a simplified direct online booking process, Hermanus Backpackers got 25 commission-free bookings through their website within two weeks of installing the button – and that was in low season.

“Now we’re obsessed, because every time a booking comes in, we look at the commission amount. We’ve got little high fives going in reception.”

“If it looks too good to be true, nine times out of ten it will be. So on this rare occasion, you’re like: ‘Really? You’re only going to charge me 10 euro and I can do all this?’ It seems too good to be true. But it is, it’s true!”

Looking back, Hayley has no regrets about taking the leap. “I was reluctant to add a BookingButton to my website, because I thought I’d have to learn things that don’t come naturally,” she says. “But it’s just so fabulous, why was I so worried?”

*Pricing of the BookingButton starts from 10 euro per month.

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Avoid overbookings with a digital diary

Like a lot of first time hoteliers Pauline Hillerby and Garry Rawlinson experienced plenty of uncertainty when they opened Hotel 119 in Darlington, UK. “We were new to hospitality”, admits Garry, “and weren’t sure if we were doing things correctly.”

Their 20-room hotel was receiving bookings through, their own website, as well as from people calling them directly. Pauline, who runs the business side of things, would keep track of bookings using a combination of a whiteboard and a paper diary, which she had to cross-reference after every phone call, email or walk-in reservation.

Not only was this time-consuming, but it also led to errors and overbookings – something that Pauline found frustrating. “I had issues linking up my private bookings with the ones from, so that nobody was overlapping,” she says.

A number of OTAs were getting in touch to put Hotel 119 on their sites, but because Pauline and Garry’s whiteboard system relied entirely on manual work, they had to turn them down – along with the extra revenue they might have brought in. “We’d get confused and it would become a nightmare,” Pauline says.

They were looking for ways to work more efficiently, and found a digital diary tool designed for smaller properties. By embracing this technology, they’ve been able to organise their bookings much more effectively. “It’s easy, you can see all the bookings together,” says Pauline. “Now it’s a lot more streamlined.” Garry adds: “With this system, you know exactly where you are.” Plus, the mobile app lets Pauline manage bookings from wherever she is.

Our new guest management system offers real flexibility, and the ability to discern private bookings from reservations at a glance. And that frees up even more time to do things that are really important.
- Gary Rawlinson, Hotel Owner

The improvement in organisation has had plenty of other benefits for their property – and the people who stay there. “It frees up our time for our guests,” Pauline says.

By dedicating more time to looking after their guests, Hotel 119’s review score has improved. “Our reviews are really good, they all say our customer service and friendliness are exceptional – and that’s what we want. It brings people back,” Pauline says with a smile. Garry and Pauline are delighted with the way they’ve improved their business.

“Because it’s so streamlined, it gives us more opportunity to devote time not just to customer service, but also to our own website”, says Garry. “It’s increased our clients and our revenue […] and it opens up a whole new chapter in hotel management for us.”

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Save time and boost revenue with a rate shopping tool

Like so many hospitality professionals, Barbara Angelus puts her guests at the centre of everything she does. “I really enjoy having a connection with guests every day,” says Barbara, the hotel manager at Maison Bistro & Hotel.

Once a famous bakery, this listed 15th-century building in the Castle District of Budapest, Hungary has 17 individually decorated rooms, and prides itself on its service to guests.

“We want to create a super guest experience. We don’t let anybody go without being very happy,” Barbara says.

But in a competitive market, she found that staff couldn’t dedicate the time they wanted to their guests. They were spending too much time online and in spreadsheets, analysing their competitors’ prices and deciding what to charge for their rooms for their hotel revenue strategy.

“We want to fill the gaps, and sell the last room. For that we need to change the prices several times a day,” says Barbara.

“Of course this cost us a lot of energy and time. With a small hotel like this it’s a big problem. We just have one receptionist at one time, so it’s very important to use the staff the best.”

But then Barbara read about RateIntelligence, a rate management tool from BookingSuite – and decided to sign up straight away.

Now we don’t have to do so much background work searching for the best price. So we have more energy to focus on the guests.
Barbara Angelus - Hotel Manager

Being able to compare her rates and availability against competitors in her area has allowed Barbara and her team to adjust their rates with confidence for their hotel revenue strategy – and in a fraction of the time.

“It has a complex view of demand, and a detailed vision of the market. It saves a lot of time for us […] which is especially important because we really have more time for the guests,” Barbara says.

Maison Bistro & Hotel’s guests have certainly noticed the extra attention to detail. “It works because we have a 9.5 rating on, which we’re really proud of,” says Barbara.

Now, rate management software has cemented itself as a brief – but key – part of the day-to-day running of Maison Bistro & Hotel: “We use it every day to set our prices.”

At this beautiful old hotel, they’ve embraced modern technology – and seen spectacular results.

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How finding the right app can reduce guest complaints

Managing multiple apartments in central Madrid means your days are always busy. That was certainly the case for Zuzanna Nitecka, the General Manager of Santa Ana Apartamentos.

She’s managed the property for four years, and during that time, she’s spent almost half her time sending emails to guests. Because the apartments’ reception isn’t open 24 hours, Zuzanna needed to ask guests for their arrival time – just so the property staff could plan their working day.

“I used to send 10,000 emails a day,” Zuzanna laughs. “But they always ended up in their spam folder.”

“A lot of guests came straight to the apartments without knowing important things,” Zuzanna says. Since the apartments don’t operate like a typical hotel, there’s a charge for arrivals after nine, and extra beds are limited. “We got a lot of complaints,” she explains.

With so many misunderstandings stemming directly from inefficiencies, Zuzanna had to find a solution. She had a look online, but the technology looked complicated, and she didn’t have enough time to research it properly. But everything changed when she discovered App Store by BookingSuite, a collection of verified tech solutions for properties of all sizes.

EN_graphic landing page Santa AnaV2

Since Zuzanna was already using BookingSuite web and rate management products, she trusted the solutions she found there. “Just knowing it was a BookingSuite App Store gave us confidence,” she explains.

In the App Store, she found technology solutions covering different areas of hospitality, from rate management to property websites and even guest messaging. “Many apps were promoted in a single place, explained with simple words and photos. It was easy to read and simple to understand,” explains Zuzanna.

Zuzanna quickly found an app that simplified communication with guests. She’d be able to automate the emails she was sending every day, as well as manage the information around guests’ arrival and departure.

One of the things that drew her to the guest messaging app was the free trial, a feature of all programs in the App Store. “The free trial helped me to assess the product to make an appropriate buying decision. I also wanted to see if it was easy to use and convenient for our way of working.”

“We loved the free trial,” says Zuzanna. “To work out how to control it all, those days were really useful. If we didn’t like it, we could drop it. That gave us more confidence to try it.”

“The impact of the guest messaging app was massive. Now, all our confirmations reach the guests’ inboxes. 85% of my guests interact with us more than 2 times before they check-in,” she says.

“For the arrival times, the guests can fill in a form and we get it directly. That’s just amazing for us.”

The messaging app does a lot of work for us, so it saves us time. It’s really worth it – I can’t live without it now.
– Zuzanna Nitecka, general manager of Santa Ana Apartamentos and App Store user
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