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Understand the tech-enabled traveller

A recent survey showed that 47% of global travellers are looking to technology to help improve their travel experience.

We wanted to better understand tech-savvy travellers. So we sat down with a group of tech-enabled travellers to understand the role of technology in their trips.

We discovered a balancing act between the efficiency of tech and the authenticity of travel. The travellers we spoke to told us they aim to use their smartphones and other technology to help take the friction out of travelling – without removing the human touch.

Having access to technology as they explore lets them be more spontaneous. They’ve become their own travel agents, yet they still value locals-only tips from their hosts.

They are searching for a balance between being connected to tech – and how it makes travel easier – and connecting with the people and places around them.

Technology has transformed the way they travel, but it hasn’t replaced the human touch.

Technology is a helper – not the hero – for the tech-enabled trip.

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How to handle negative guest reviews

One thing’s for sure in life: you can’t please everyone. No matter how good your service is, there’ll always be someone who isn’t completely satisfied.

Negative guest reviews are inevitable in hospitality – but what kind of impact they have is up to you. They may seem like a blow to your image, but they can actually be an opportunity to show that you listen to your guests’ feedback – and take appropriate action.

In this six-step guide, we’ll explain how a few negative guest reviews can actually increase trust in your property. You’ll also read our main tips for managing reviews and how to reply to them, both on your property page and through private messages.

When potential guests see that you’re the kind of property that takes feedback seriously, and that you work hard to fix issues, it’ll play in your favour. In the long run, that means more bookings.

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How to create a hotel website that gets bookings

Nowadays, it’s crucial for anyone working in hospitality to have their own hotel website. But when you’ve got a property business to run, it can be hard to find the time to set a website up in the first place. Not to mention coding can be daunting and agencies don’t allow you to change content on demand.

Fortunately, you don’t have to know how to create a hotel website to get one. With WebDirect by BookingSuite, you can set up a website for your property within a few minutes. It’s designed to be used by anyone, no matter what their level of know-how – so even if you’re not that confident in your web skills, it’s easy to navigate.

With WebDirect, you’re in control of your pages, your descriptions, your photos and videos – not to mention your rates and availability. You don’t have to go through any agency to make changes to the website – simply log in, update your site and you’ll see the changes reflected online immediately.

WebDirect has the option of multiple languages, meaning you suddenly gain access to millions of potential guests all around the world. And with templates designed by experts, your online shop window will look professional and clear – on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Finally, WebDirect uses’s best-in-class booking engine, so any visitor who’s interested in staying with you can make a booking within a few clicks – meaning it’s easier than ever to get reservations.

In this flyer, you’ll learn what WebDirect can do for your property business.

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An easy hotel booking engine for you and your guests

BookingButton is a mobile-friendly booking engine for hotels, BnBs, and everything in between that’s easy for you to set up and manage, and easy for your guests, too.

It lets you accept secure, direct bookings, and makes it easy for guests to book instantly and directly on your website or preferred social media page. You can offer guests their choice from more than 50 currencies and 40+ languages, so they always feel welcome.

You can control the booking experience by changing the colours, designs, logos and photos to match your website and your brand.

And since we sync your rates and availability with, you don’t have to worry about your site being out of date or overbookings. Any booking you get through BookingButton is automatically accounted for in your room inventory.

BookingButton makes it surprisingly simple to add a secure hotel booking engine to your website or preferred social media page.

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The easiest way to create a hotel revenue strategy

How should you develop your hotel revenue strategy? In a constantly changing market, it can be hard to know what price to sell your rooms at. All kinds of factors can push prices up or down, and it’s tricky to stay on top of what other properties in your area are doing. Not to mention time-consuming.

With RateIntelligence, you can set rates with confidence – in a fraction of the time. This free rate shopping tool gathers all kinds of data and produces accurate demand forecasting, so you can see when to raise your prices, and when to lower them.

It also allows you to enter up to ten properties as your competitive set, and it takes their rates into account when showing you changes in the market. So you don’t need to spend hours constantly checking how your competitors’ rates are changing, saving you a large chunk of time every single day.

In this flyer, you’ll learn how RateIntelligence can reduce your daily workload and support your hotel revenue strategy by making your property more competitive.

A hotel owner reading the guest review guide so she can enhance the guest experience.
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Transform your business with a custom hotel website

In today’s travel industry, it’s vital for properties to have their own website. It’s the easiest, and most cost-effective, way of getting bookings. It also serves as a reference point for all your online activities, a place where you can send potential guests who come across your property online or on social media.

So it’s important to have a hotel website. But it’s even better to have a great one. WebDirect is a hotel website builder that’s designed to be easy to set up, so that anyone can create their own property website, no matter their level of technical know-how.

You can create as many pages as you like, so that potential guests really get a feel for your property and the surrounding area. And with a range of customisable options, you can tailor the look and feel so that your property comes across just as you want it to.

The multiple language options and search engine optimisation make your WebDirect website easy to find for guests from anywhere in the world. And the best-in-class booking engine means that they can make a reservation within seconds.

In this guide, we’ll explain why it’s worth investing in a brand-new website from WebDirect.

A hotel owner reading the guest review guide so she can enhance the guest experience.
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The top 11 travel trends for 2018 based on research

The travel industry changes with each passing year. As hospitality technology develops and travellers’ preferences change, so does the way people plan and enjoy their trips. To help your property stay ahead of the curve, every year we put together a list of the top travel trends that are set to change the industry, based on research.

2018 will see more people travelling, more stays at holiday homes and more healthy travel. More people will follow their love of food to find the best restaurants, and there will be more trips planned around beloved TV shows and films. More guests will be travelling in groups of friends, and there’ll be more weekend getaways. And of course, more use of technology to research, book and experience trips.

As a property owner, knowing what’s coming can help you prepare. Technology can also help you to cater to your guests’ developing needs. In this ebook, we’ll explain each trend and offer a few tips on what you can do to take advantage of each one.

Find out more about how the travel landscape is set to change this year by downloading our guide to the top eleven 2018 travel trends.

A hotel owner reading the guest review guide so she can enhance the guest experience.
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Boost website traffic with a hotel SEO strategy

These days, search engines are the world’s source of information. If you’re looking for an answer to a question, there’s a good chance that rather than pulling an encyclopaedia off the shelf, you’ll simply type it into a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc).

It’s no different for your guests. That’s why a hotel SEO strategy is important for any property website. When people are looking for information about where to stay – whatever their specific search is – you want to make sure your property is picked up by the search engine and placed front and centre.

SEO and SEM are slightly different approaches – and each can work well for different properties at different stages of their development.

In this guide, you’ll find out the differences between an SEO strategy and an SEM strategy, and get an insight into which one will work best for you.

A hotel owner reading the guest review guide so she can enhance the guest experience.
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How promotions and up-selling advances your business

Your guests are at the heart of your business. So it pays to offer the best possible service to them – and among other things, that means delighting them with little touches that make their experience that much better. That could be an upgraded room, a relaxing spa treatment, tailored recommendations that fit with their taste, or simply a great meal at a local restaurant.

This is where promotions, cross sells and upsells can enhance your guests’ stay with you. Every extra moment of delight for them means an extra few points when it comes to their final guest review – something that’s key to getting business in the future. Recent studies suggest that as many as 61% of consumers would be open to spending more if an additional service complements or enhances their main purchase.

So with over half of your customers already willing to spend a bit more for extra services or experiences, there’s a huge amount of scope for you to bump up your revenue per guest. In this in-depth guide, we suggest how you can use promotions, cross sell and upsell to your advantage – and how technology can help you do this as effectively as possible.

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Your guide to 2019’s top travel trends

Travellers today are online and mobile more than ever. How these new connected travellers research, plan and book their trips evolves every year. That, in turn, has changed the expectations they have of accommodation providers like you.

By knowing and understanding these changing guest expectations, you can make simple changes to your business that can have a big impact on your direct bookings and hotel revenue. Implementing new hotel technology to help you create the ultimate guest experience at your property can have a positive impact on guest reviews.

So we’ve produced an exclusive, free guide to highlight the top 2019 travel trends based on’s research into guest expectations and other industry data.

But it’s more than just data: This exclusive guide also includes concrete steps small to medium-sized properties can take to keep up with and benefit from these hospitality trends.

To compile the insights we’re sharing in this guide,’s research teams scoured 163 million verified guest reviews and conducted research with 21,500 travellers across 29 countries. We also included data from other travel and research agencies to bring you a well-rounded picture of the top 2019 travel trends.

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