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Infographic: 2019’s top 5 travel and hospitality trends

Travel statistics are only helpful if you can apply them to your business. That’s why our exclusive infographic illustrating the top five travel trends for 2019 includes practical tips on how you can make them work for your property, whether you have two rooms or 200.

The more you know about how guests think about travel and technology, the more you can meet (or exceed) their changing expectations. Travel technology can help, but it’s not about keeping up with the latest gadgets and apps for their own sake. It’s about keeping up with your guests and what they want when they stay with you.

To make it easy to scan, we have broken down the numbers behind the trends in this exclusive infographic, so you can keep it handy to refer to as you develop your 2019 strategy.

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Infographic: The Modern Mobile Traveller

Mobile phones have been around for decades, but they’re faster and smarter than ever now, making them indispensable when it comes to organising our lives. It’s no different with travel: from planning and booking, to actually experiencing new places, mobile technology helps people access the information they need, when they need it.

We believe 2019 will be the year of the ‘connected trip’, where modern mobile travellers will seek smoother, more seamless journeys and stays by using their smartphones even more – and expect hoteliers and accommodation owners to be similarly connected. Our infographic illustrates this move towards mobile, how it’s influencing both decision-making and guest expectations, and how it can increase your online bookings, reduce your workload and improve your guest reviews.

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