The right rate shopping tool should let you:

Demand forecast

Improve demand forecasting and targeting

Setting room rates requires accurate information on local market demand. A demand forecasting tool should:

Forecast demand far into the future so you can set rates for early bookers.

Show demand based on property type, star rating and even review score.

Track local events that can boost the number of people looking for accommodation.

Rate research

Find relevant room rates quickly

You don’t have the time to manually research market prices property by property. A rate shopping tool should:

Focus on true competitors by letting you select properties to compare yourself to.

Let you compare specific room and rate types against your competitive set.

Aggregate pricing data for a competitive set that you can control.

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A rate shopping tool should be:

Easy to use

Choose an easy-to-use, web-based rate shopping tool so there’s never any software to install or update.


Make sure your rate shopping tool gets its rate and demand information from a large and reliable data set.


Check that a solution includes access to product support reps in your language so you’re never left on your own.

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