Hear from tech-enabled travellers and what role technology plays in their travel

Listen to 30 travellers share their thoughts about balancing technology and travel.

For our exclusive report Understanding the tech-enabled traveller we talked with a group of 30 tech-enabled travellers to learn about the role of technology in their trips.

In this video, the travellers share their experiences, thoughts, and preferences – including what they expect from properties they stay at. You’ll meet some of the travellers we talked with, and hear them discuss the balancing act between the efficiency of tech and the authenticity of travel.

The travellers we spoke to told us they aim to use their smartphones and other technology to help take the friction out of travelling – without removing the human touch. Having access to technology as they explore lets them be more spontaneous. They’ve become their own travel agents, yet they still value locals-only tips from their hosts.

It’s clear from listening to them in their own words that technology has transformed the way they travel, but it hasn’t replaced their desire for authentic escapes and the human touch.

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