What modern digital travellers expect

Today’s travellers manage their trips online – and expect accommodation providers to keep up.

These days, digital technology is fully ingrained in people’s lives. And it’s not going away. A huge number of travellers now use nothing else but a computer and a mobile device to search, book and manage their trips – and that number is going up every year.

As more and more travellers handle various aspects of their lives digitally, the accommodation industry has to keep up with changing demands. Increasingly, the modern digital traveller expects accommodation providers to do more than simply be available online.

Today’s digital traveller wants a seamless guest experience, all the way from search to check-out – and beyond. That means quick replies, seamless transactions and personalised services, anytime, anywhere.

The good news is that keeping up with travellers’ evolving expectations isn’t as hard as it sounds. It just requires you to embrace technology, try out new features and discover how they benefit both your guests and your business as a whole.

In this video, we follow three guests to discover some of the technologies they rely on for a smooth experience – all of which are available from BookingSuite’s App Store.

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