Save time and boost revenue with a rate shopping tool

How Barbara’s new rate management process gives her time to focus on Maison Bistro & Hotel’s guests.

Like so many hospitality professionals, Barbara Angelus puts her guests at the centre of everything she does. “I really enjoy having a connection with guests every day,” says Barbara, the hotel manager at Maison Bistro & Hotel.

Once a famous bakery, this listed 15th-century building in the Castle District of Budapest, Hungary has 17 individually decorated rooms, and prides itself on its service to guests.

“We want to create a super guest experience. We don’t let anybody go without being very happy,” Barbara says.

But in a competitive market, she found that staff couldn’t dedicate the time they wanted to their guests. They were spending too much time online and in spreadsheets, analysing their competitors’ prices and deciding what to charge for their rooms for their hotel revenue strategy.

“We want to fill the gaps, and sell the last room. For that we need to change the prices several times a day,” says Barbara.

“Of course this cost us a lot of energy and time. With a small hotel like this it’s a big problem. We just have one receptionist at one time, so it’s very important to use the staff the best.”

But then Barbara read about RateIntelligence, a rate management tool from BookingSuite – and decided to sign up straight away.

Now we don’t have to do so much background work searching for the best price. So we have more energy to focus on the guests.
Barbara Angelus - Hotel Manager

Being able to compare her rates and availability against competitors in her area has allowed Barbara and her team to adjust their rates with confidence for their hotel revenue strategy – and in a fraction of the time.

“It has a complex view of demand, and a detailed vision of the market. It saves a lot of time for us […] which is especially important because we really have more time for the guests,” Barbara says.

Maison Bistro & Hotel’s guests have certainly noticed the extra attention to detail. “It works because we have a 9.5 rating on, which we’re really proud of,” says Barbara.

Now, rate management software has cemented itself as a brief – but key – part of the day-to-day running of Maison Bistro & Hotel: “We use it every day to set our prices.”

At this beautiful old hotel, they’ve embraced modern technology – and seen spectacular results.

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