How finding the right app reduced complaints

Read how Zuzanna Nitecka of Santa Ana Apartamentos saves time – and slashed guest complaints – with a single app.

Zuzanna Nitecka

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  • how guest messaging can impact revenue
  • how the right app saves Zuzanna time
  • how guest messaging led to better guest reviews
  • how automating key messages impacts business

Managing multiple apartments in central Madrid means your days are always busy. That was certainly the case for Zuzanna Nitecka, the General Manager of Santa Ana Apartamentos.

She’s managed the property for four years, and during that time, she’s spent almost half her time sending emails to guests. Because the apartments’ reception isn’t open 24 hours, Zuzanna needed to ask guests for their arrival time – just so the property staff could plan their working day.

“I used to send 10,000 emails a day,” Zuzanna laughs. “But they always ended up in their spam folder.”

“A lot of guests came straight to the apartments without knowing important things,” Zuzanna says. Since the apartments don’t operate like a typical hotel, there’s a charge for arrivals after nine, and extra beds are limited. “We got a lot of complaints,” she explains.

With so many misunderstandings stemming directly from inefficiencies, Zuzanna had to find a solution. She had a look online, but the technology looked complicated, and she didn't have enough time to research it properly. But everything changed when she discovered App Store by BookingSuite, a collection of verified tech solutions for properties of all sizes.

Since Zuzanna was already using BookingSuite web and rate management products, she trusted the solutions she found there. “Just knowing it was a BookingSuite app store gave us confidence,” she explains.

In the App Store, she found technology solutions covering different areas of hospitality, from rate management to property websites and even guest messaging. “Many apps were promoted in a single place, explained with simple words and photos. It was easy to read and simple to understand,” explains Zuzanna.

Zuzanna quickly found an app that simplified communication with guests. She’d be able to automate the emails she was sending every day, as well as manage the information around guests’ arrival and departure.

One of the things that drew her to the guest messaging app was the free trial, a feature of all programs in the App Store. "The free trial helped me to assess the product to make an appropriate buying decision. I also wanted to see if it was easy to use and convenient for our way of working."

“We loved the free trial,” says Zuzanna. “To work out how to control it all, those days were really useful. If we didn’t like it, we could drop it. That gave us more confidence to try it.”

“The impact of the guest messaging app was massive. Now, all our confirmations reach the guests’ inboxes. 85% of my guests interact with us more than 2 times before they check-in,” she says.

“For the arrival times, the guests can fill in a form and we get it directly. That’s just amazing for us.”

Thanks to that extra flow of information through the app, misunderstandings have been virtually eliminated. “I can’t remember the last time someone complained about the charge for late arrivals, or about reception not being open 24 hours, or what kind of apartment they get.”

All these great guest experiences are now showing up in Santa Ana Apartamentos’ ratings. Since using the app, an amazing 99% of Zuzanna’s online reviews are positive (7 out of 10 or more).

Not only has the messaging app helped Zuzanna avoid guest complaints, but it’s also given her the chance to increase her revenue. “It can send an automatic email asking if they want early check-in or late check-out for an additional cost. Quite a few guests have taken it. So it’s helped us make money, too,” she explains.

But more than anything, technology has helped saved Zuzanna time – and a whole lot of stress. “We’re much calmer now thanks to the App Store by BookingSuite. We’ve got everything under control. It’s really important.”

“I’ve saved about half my time. It’s incredible,” Zuzanna explains. “Now I can pay more attention to prices, I have more time to look at promotions, taking better photos, maintenance. All the things I just couldn’t do before.”

“This technology was the missing piece in the improvement to our service.”

You take care of your guests. We’ll take care of the technology.


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