Gain confidence with a rate management tool

How Mattias gained the confidence to think differently about hotel rates at Hotel Royal Gothenburg.

With its elaborate tiled floor and painted ceiling panels, Hotel Royal Gothenburg is one place where it’s clear that history and tradition mean a lot.

It’s the oldest hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has been owned and run by the same family since 1852. The Royal displays the kind of old-world charm that has loyal guests coming back again and again.

So when the their long-serving revenue manager was approaching retirement, he wanted to leave the hotel in good hands – with someone who could bring it into the 21st century while upholding its proud traditions.

That person was Mattias Niklasson, a young hospitality professional who always wanted to work at a hotel that had “something special” about it.

Until Mattias came along, the hotel relied on the intuitions and long-standing knowledge of his predecessor. “It wasn’t that his theories or rates didn’t work, but we also saw that there was some room for improvement, if you could more accurately pinpoint the rates on certain dates,” Mattias says.

So as the hotel revenue management reins were being handed to Mattias, they decided to seize the moment, and try out a rate management tool that would give him an overview of his competitors’ average rates as well as demand forecasts for the Gothenburg area.

It’s a good confidence boost, it’s a big help. It would be a lot harder if I didn’t have a tool like this.
Mattias Niklasson - Revenue Manager

This information gave Mattias a lot more confidence setting rates day-to-day, and well into the future. “It’s not always raising the prices that will improve things,” he says. “It’s not that easy.”

For example, seeing the information on upcoming demand and local events lets Mattias be more strategic when managing his inventory of rooms. “Do we want to sell them early, or hold on to them and sell them last minute? Things like that, now we can think differently than we used to.”

Not only has the technology revolutionised the hotel’s pricing approach, it’s also been a real time-saver for Mattias.

“One thing that took a lot of time was manually searching for different hotels on different dates – to look into one hotel at a time, compare and write it down. That’s how we did it before but now we can compare multiple hotels at once,” says Mattias.

Despite its traditional roots, Hotel Royal Gothenburg has modernised its way of working – and its adoption of rate management technology is reaping the rewards.

“It has made my job way, way easier,” says Mattias.

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