Increased reservations for a stunning property

How Hotel Villa Michelon increased their bookings by 4% using WebDirect

Founded in 2001, Hotel Villa Michelon is located in the Brazilian city of Bento Gonçalves. With its lush surroundings, the property encapsulates the strong vineyard culture that pulses through the region. The large and luxurious facilities were created for both corporate guests and leisure travellers seeking a peaceful getaway. The property mission is to provide a timeless atmosphere for its lucky guests. Boasting 57 rooms with traditional décor, the property also has its own wine museum, adding local charm to the breathtaking setting.


A mobile-friendly website that’s easy to update

Hotel Villa Michelon’s previous website didn’t allow the property’s beauty and history to shine. “We didn’t think that the information was displayed clearly. We had no place where we could display the hotel photos in an attractive way. Additionally, the website wasn’t practical at all for guests to book,” explains general manager Elaine Michelon.  The hotel started looking for a more robust website solution which would let them better highlight their property’s features and increase their reservations. Hotel Villa Michelon’s previous website didn’t give them the freedom to make changes, and being able to manage their own content was one of their primary needs. After years of successfully working with, the hotel turned to BookingSuite for a solution. With our WebDirect property website tool, Hotel Villa Michelon now not only has a stunning website on the front end, but a smart and easy-to-use tool that allows them to change their content freely.

A great site that gets great results

“Nowadays we are in full control of our digital strategy,” says Elaine. “We are able to manage our content and display it in a smart way to drive conversion. We can highlight our property photos and showcase its indoor and outdoor structure.” The hotel now has the ability to present content according to guests’ online behaviour, and Elaine enjoys how easy it is to make changes. The hotel boasts an outstanding bounce rate of 30 percent, meaning that 70 percent of the guests who visit their website interact and engage with their content. The industry average is 55 percent. Plus, nearly 38 percent of the visitors to the new website end up clicking the Book Now button. That’s a visit-to-look rate of 38 percent – double the industry average!

Experimenting with website content

A website's content is one of the key factors that drives repeat visitors. “The self-management is an invitation to endless experimentation, we’re still testing multiple ways to display our content and observing how guests respond to each modification. With the support of the BookingSuite team, we have all of our questions answered and we are able to freely perform changes to our website.”

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