How promotions and up-selling advances your business

Improve your guests’ experience with upselling, cross-sell and promotions technology.

Your guests are at the heart of your business. So it pays to offer the best possible service to them – and among other things, that means delighting them with little touches that make their experience that much better. That could be an upgraded room, a relaxing spa treatment, tailored recommendations that fit with their taste, or simply a great meal at a local restaurant.

This is where promotions, cross sells and upsells can enhance your guests’ stay with you. Every extra moment of delight for them means an extra few points when it comes to their final guest review – something that’s key to getting business in the future. Recent studies suggest that as many as 61% of consumers would be open to spending more if an additional service complements or enhances their main purchase.

So with over half of your customers already willing to spend a bit more for extra services or experiences, there’s a huge amount of scope for you to bump up your revenue per guest. In this in-depth guide, we suggest how you can use promotions, cross sell and upsell to your advantage – and how technology can help you do this as effectively as possible.

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