Understand the tech-enabled traveller

Learn about the role tech plays in travellers' trips, and why the human touch still matters.

A recent Booking.com survey showed that 47% of global travellers are looking to technology to help improve their travel experience.

We wanted to better understand tech-savvy travellers. So we sat down with a group of tech-enabled travellers to understand the role of technology in their trips.

We discovered a balancing act between the efficiency of tech and the authenticity of travel. The travellers we spoke to told us they aim to use their smartphones and other technology to help take the friction out of travelling – without removing the human touch.

Having access to technology as they explore lets them be more spontaneous. They’ve become their own travel agents, yet they still value locals-only tips from their hosts.

They are searching for a balance between being connected to tech – and how it makes travel easier – and connecting with the people and places around them.

Technology has transformed the way they travel, but it hasn’t replaced the human touch.

Technology is a helper – not the hero – for the tech-enabled trip.

tech-enabled traveller sitting in the airport with his mobile phone in his hands waiting for his flight
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