The easiest way to create a hotel revenue strategy

RateIntelligence is a free rate shopping tool that helps you set hotel rates with confidence.

How should you develop your hotel revenue strategy? In a constantly changing market, it can be hard to know what price to sell your rooms at. All kinds of factors can push prices up or down, and it’s tricky to stay on top of what other properties in your area are doing. Not to mention time-consuming.

With RateIntelligence, you can set rates with confidence – in a fraction of the time. This free rate shopping tool gathers all kinds of data and produces accurate demand forecasting, so you can see when to raise your prices, and when to lower them.

It also allows you to enter up to ten properties as your competitive set, and it takes their rates into account when showing you changes in the market. So you don’t need to spend hours constantly checking how your competitors’ rates are changing, saving you a large chunk of time every single day.

In this flyer, you’ll learn how RateIntelligence can reduce your daily workload and support your hotel revenue strategy by making your property more competitive.

A hotel owner reading the guest review guide so she can enhance the guest experience.
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