Your guide to 2019’s top travel trends

Tap into these hospitality trends to deliver amazing experiences to your guests this year.

What you'll learn from this guide:

  • the top five travel trends that will shape 2019
  • how hotel technology can easily support each trend
  • what modern travellers expect from the hospitality industry
  • easy tips for creating the ultimate guest experience

Travellers today are online and mobile more than ever. How these new connected travellers research, plan and book their trips evolves every year. That, in turn, has changed the expectations they have of accommodation providers like you.

By knowing and understanding these changing guest expectations, you can make simple changes to your business that can have a big impact on your direct bookings and hotel revenue. Implementing new hotel technology to help you create the ultimate guest experience at your property can have a positive impact on guest reviews.

So we’ve produced an exclusive, free guide to highlight the top 2019 travel trends based on’s research into guest expectations and other industry data.

But it’s more than just data: This exclusive guide also includes concrete steps small to medium-sized properties can take to keep up with and benefit from these hospitality trends.

To compile the insights we’re sharing in this guide,’s research teams scoured 163 million verified guest reviews and conducted research with 21,500 travellers across 29 countries. We also included data from other travel and research agencies to bring you a well-rounded picture of the top 2019 travel trends.


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