Secure revenue with hotel payments technology

Cater for a range of guests’ payment preferences – and secure more guaranteed revenue for your business.

As a hospitality professional, you’ll know better than most just how much hoteliers have to keep track of: new bookings, cancellations, check-ins, staffing – and a whole lot more. One area where there’s no room for error is payment. When it comes to handing over money (or transferring it), it’s only natural that guests are sensitive.

Add in the fact that different people have their own preferences – often guided by practices in the country they come from – and you have a potentially confusing payment landscape.

Payment technology is designed to improve the process for both guests and properties. It helps make payment faster and more secure, offering important peace of mind for both sides. Since the technology is digitalised, it also eliminates human errors, meaning a lower chance of any problems arising. Finally, since payment is managed digitally, guests have extra reassurance because they don’t have to travel with so much physical cash in their pocket.

In this ebook, we’ll talk about why it pays to take payments seriously. We’ll also run through some of the easiest ways to attract a range of guests, no matter what their preferences are when it comes to hotel payments.

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