Simplify hotel check-in with smart online tools

We look at online check-in technology, and how streamlining this small but important part of the guest journey can impact your business.

Hotel check-in is a critical moment for your guests. It’s when first impressions are formed – and it can set the tone for the whole stay. But what if you could eliminate all the paperwork and get your guest’s visit off to the perfect start?

Online check-in technology offers that and more. One of 2019’s top hotel technology trends, this tool can drastically reduce your workload, unclutter your reception and simplify administrative procedures – many of which you probably take for granted, but which can actually be trimmed down quite significantly.

With online check-in technology, your guests get most of the administrative work out of the way before they arrive, meaning that key first interaction can be more personal and less transactional. It also allows you to tailor your offer to their individual profile and tastes, via cross-sell experiences and personalised recommendations. All of which can add points onto your final review score.

In this ebook, we’ll look at how a small investment can simplify your day-to-day – and how it can benefit your guests’ entire experience of your property.

Women holds a mobile phone with online check-in tools on screen
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