Increase direct bookings with a hotel booking engine

Discover the seven benefits using a secure hotel booking engine can bring for your property – and for your guests.

Online travel agents (OTAs) like can play a big part in helping you attract new guests, but there are benefits to being able to accept direct bookings, too. With so many travellers wanting to book online, you need a secure way to accept payments and instantly confirm reservations.

That’s where a reliable hotel booking engine can help. A booking engine lets you add a secure booking form to your existing website or preferred social media page, showing up-to-date rates and availability, so guests can book instantly. No emailing back and forth, no expensive phone calls.

In this ebook, we’ll explain the seven main benefits a booking engine can bring to you – and to your guests. The right booking engine should be simple for you to implement on your property website or social media page and easy for your guests to use as well. Most importantly, it should also be secure when handling guest information.

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