Rate shopping just got easier

RateIntelligence is the free and reliable way to save time researching room rates so you can spend more time in front of your guests.

RateIntelligence is a free and easy-to-use rate-shopping tool designed for smaller properties.

Save time researching rates
See a range of market data you need to help you make pricing decisions all in one place.
Set your rates with more confidence
Access combined rates for your competitive set and market demand forecast up to 360 days in the future.
Focus on your relevant competitors
Select the specific properties you’re actually competing against in your market.

Quick to set up and easy to use, so you can set rates with more confidence:

Step 1
See accurate demand data 360 days into the future with local market forecasts.
Step 2
Review room rates from the relevant competitive set you choose, matched by room type.
Step 3
Check local events that can impact room demand with up-to-date listings.
Step 4
Make informed pricing decisions faster with all the market data you need in one place.
Revenue manager and rate intelligence user

What our partners say

“RateIntelligence is a good confidence boost, it’s a big help. It would be a lot harder if I didn’t have a tool like this.”

– Mattias Niklasson, revenue manager and RateIntelligence user

Optimise your revenue and availability with these features:

Accurate demand data
Plan 360 days ahead with market demand forecasts.
Sharable reports
Download aggregate rate data and share reports.
Custom price alerts
Set the threshold to be alerted about rate gaps.
Accurate comparisons
Match room and rate types with your competition.
Local events listings
Track local events that can impact demand.
Relevant pricing data
Choose the competitive set that matters to you.

Resources to help you manage rates and revenue:

Barbara Angelus: Rate Shopper

See how Barbara’s rate setting approach gives her time to focus on guests.

a man is using a calculator to determine if he's increasing his hotel revenue

Sell the right room at the right time

Learn dynamic revenue management strategies and tips you can use now.

Download this flyer about RateIntelligence by BookingSuite and start your hotel revenue strategy.

Set competitive rates, confidently

Discover how to make rate shopping easier and faster with RateIntelligence.

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