Set your rates confidently

Get quick access to reliable aggregate rates for the competitive set you’ve chosen. Our exclusive market forecast lets you see demand up to 360 days in the future.

Spend less time researching rates

Save time by seeing a range of market data you need to help you make pricing decisions all in one place. Then easily share reports through automated emails.

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Rate Intelligence Rate Provider

Focus on your unique market

Choose up to ten properties for your competitive set and see up-to-date aggregate rates. We also show you any local events that could impact demand in your specific area.

Start rate shopping in minutes

Start making confident pricing decisions right away with our default settings. Or take full control by adjusting room comparisons and price alert sensitivity.

Rate Trends Over Time

Optimise your revenue and availability with these features:

Accurate demand data

Plan 360 days ahead with market demand forecasts.

Sharable reports

Download aggregate rate data and share reports.

Accurate comparisons

Match room and rate types with
your competition.

Custom price alerts

Set the threshold to be alerted about rate gaps.

Local events listings

Track local events that can
impact demand.

Relevant pricing data

Choose the competitive set that
matters to you.

Like all BookingSuite products, RateIntelligence is:

Easy to use.

See results sooner with our easy-to-use, secure, web-based tools. There’s never any software to install or update.


Be more effective by getting the market data you need, by connecting with the leading accommodation ecosystem.


Stay productive with free worldwide support for all BookingSuite products, in 15+ languages anytime you need.

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