DigitalDiary is an easy-to-use reservation management tool
designed for small properties.

Never lose track of reservations again

DigitalDiary makes it easy to keep track of all your reservations and availability wherever you are - on your mobile device or desktop.

Reduce the risk of overbookings

DigitalDiary combines reservations from with any direct reservations you add, minimising the risk of overbookings.

Save hours managing reservations

Your guest details are updated automatically, and the drag-and-drop design makes managing reservation fast and easy.

How your DigitalDiary works

Step 1:

We automatically add reservations to your diary and update it instantly as new ones are made.

Step 2:

Easily add your own reservations to your diary and your availability on will be updated immediately.

Step 3:

Allocate rooms and change reservations in your diary with our intuitive drag-and-drop design.

Step 4:

Manage all your reservations and availability in a single place from anywhere – on your mobile device or desktop.

Instant setup

All existing reservations instantly imported.

Easy to use

Start using it right away – no technical skills or training needed.


Free support, in your language, when you need it.

Mobile friendly

The DigitalDiary is also available in your Pulse app.


Built right into your familiar extranet.


Details of reservations you add won’t be shared with

Want to know more about DigitalDiary?

Check out our FAQs

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