The Connected Traveller

Technology has transformed travel. But it hasn’t replaced the human touch.

We wanted to better understand tech-savvy travellers. We discovered a balancing act between the efficiency of tech and the authenticity of travel.

A recent survey showed that 47% of global travellers are looking to technology to help improve their travel experience.

We wanted to learn more, so we sat down with a group of tech-enabled travellers to understand the role of technology in their trips.


of global travellers want technology to
develop faster to help improve their travel experience

Understanding the tech-enabled traveller

The travellers we spoke to told us they aim to use their smartphones and other technology to help take the friction out of travelling – without removing the human touch.

Having access to technology as they explore lets them be more spontaneous. They’ve become their own travel agents, yet they still value locals-only tips from their hosts

They are searching for a balance between being connected to tech – and how it makes travel easier – and connecting with the people and places around them.

“Technology makes things stress free. It’s like a comfort blanket so you can check details at any time anywhere.”

– Danielle, London

Technology is a helper – not the hero – for the tech-enabled trip.

Learn more about what our exclusive research uncovered about the tech-enabled traveller.

tech-enabled traveller sitting in the airport with his mobile phone in his hands waiting for his flight

Understand the tech-enabled traveller


Learn about the role tech plays in their trips, and why the human touch still matters.

woman with a backpack on ready for her adventure

Hear from the tech-enabled travellers


Watch the 30 travellers behind the report share their thoughts about tech and travel.

Computer with an example of the BookingSuite AppStore

BookingSuite launches new App Store


BookingSuite’s new App Store helps partners accommodate the tech-enabled guest.

Accommodating the tech-enabled guest

The smart use of tech can also help accommodations reduce friction for your guests – and yourself.

As with the tech-enabled traveller, it’s all about finding the right balance between supporting your guests’ desire for digital efficiency with their need for a human touch. It’s not about keeping up with technology: It’s about keeping up with your guests.

In fact, the right tools can make finding that balance even easier for you. They can let you provide guests with personalised, responsive service that they’ll appreciate – even if you’re not there in person.

“It’s all about the speed and efficiency. This is where the technology comes in: checking in and checking out, ordering things, and communicating.”

– Nenad, London

Technology should be a helper, not a hero, for properties, too.

Here are a few ways tech can help remove the friction from your guests’ stay without losing the personal touch.

Personal, even when it’s not in person.
Guest messaging apps let you be more responsive to questions and requests.
Offer the perfect extra touch effortlessly.
Upsell and promotions apps help deliver thoughtful offers at the right time.
Focus on the welcome, not the paperwork.
Check-in apps welcome your guests no matter what the time.

27% of small and medium-sized hotels are already using tech specifically designed to improve the guest experience.

How we help bridge the gap accommodation partners of all types and sizes can use hospitality technology to help deliver the seamless stay guests expect.

In fact, 27% of the small and medium-sized hotels we surveyed are already using tech specifically designed to improve the guest experience.

But with thousands of different solution providers targeting different markets and property types, it can tough to find and evaluate all of the options available to find tools that work for you – and for your guests.

That’s why we’re launching the BookingSuite App Store.

BookingSuite App Store is a collection of hospitality solutions from trusted providers that can help accommodation partners remove some of the friction their guests’ experience.

Our new App Store makes it easy to discover, evaluate, and buy hand-picked hospitality solutions all from one place. We make it even easier by showing only the apps most relevant to the property type, size and location.

“The free trial helped me assess the product and make an appropriate buying decision. If we didn’t like it, we could drop it. That gave us more confidence to try it.”

– Zuzanna Nitecka, general manager of Santa Ana Apartamentos and App Store user

It’s not about keeping up with technology.
It’s about keeping up with your guests.

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