Smart tech that will wow your guests

From cars to smartphones, technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s essentials – so it pays to be ahead of the curve. In fact, in a recent study, 60% of guests said they’d pay more to stay in a property with smart devices. Here are five smart technologies that will help modernise your property.

1. Coded door locks

When you manage a small property, check-in can be tricky. Perhaps the guest arrives later than expected, or perhaps you’re simply busy doing other things. Coded locks solve this inconvenience. With a code, guests can enjoy more freedom – and you don’t have to be stuck in the office late into the night.

2. Smart TVs

In traveller behaviour studies, one thing comes out loud and clear: millennials love personalisation. This is a growing trend in the travel industry – and smart TVs are a part of it. They allow guests to connect the TV screen to their own devices, and watch their own shows or films rather than having to stick to local programming (which they may not understand). They also make it easy for guests to look through their photos from their day’s exploring.

3. Smart lighting

Have you ever slept in an unfamiliar hotel room and struggled to find all the light switches at bedtime? Smart lighting puts an end to that situation. With this technology, guests can turn all lights off with a tap of their smartphone or a single voice command. Smart lighting also lets guests customise their own mood lighting for different occasions, helping them feel at home and in control.

4. Video doorbells

Like coded locks, video doorbells are a great check-in solution for busy hoteliers. This technology uses a camera next to the front door which is activated when the doorbell is pressed – meaning you can answer the door from anywhere. The fact that a camera is part of the device also provides an extra layer of safety when managing check-ins remotely.

5. Smart thermostats

These devices let you control your heating systems when you’re out and about. On a hot day, you can air-condition the room for an hour or so before guests arrive, and you can turn it off after they leave, in case they forget. All of this without having to be at your property physically. It gives you greater freedom, and lets you cut down on your energy bills.

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