4 tips on creating a homepage that increases bookings

The homepage of your property website is important. Acting as the gateway to your property business, your homepage must showcase the most enticing and important information to turn lookers into bookers. We made it easy for you with our checklist of four homepage tips.

First impressions matter. For many potential guests, your website homepage is the first time they will interact with your property. You may have wondered what your website homepage should include to help convince visitors to become actual guests. We created a homepage checklist with four tips to ensure your website includes the most important details on your homepage to help guests make the decision to book with you.

1. Photos and Slideshows

Photos of your property are important to guests because they want to see the hotel and rooms before they make the decision to book. Once you have photos, make sure you keep them front and centre to increase bookings. Use your homepage slideshow to show off your best images. We recommend keeping your homepage slideshow to 4-6 images. Include an image of your bestselling room and other spaces within the hotel that tie back to the key selling points of your property. Show what makes your property unique.

If images can’t convey everything special about your property, consider using video. With WebDirect by BookingSuite, you can embed video on your homepage that gives a quick introduction or tour of the property. The best performing videos are short – under a minute – to ensure you are keeping the attention of visitors.

2. Headlines or Taglines

Identifying what is truly unique about your property and why your guests return may seem like a question that is easy for you to answer quickly. “It’s our friendly service!” “We are right on the beach!” “Best breakfast in town!” But it might actually take you a little more time to really state the true benefit. What about the service makes the guest feel special? Why does being on the beach matter to your guests? Is there a local specialty food you offer at breakfast? Once you have identified the benefit, use it as a headline on your website.

By identifying the benefit and incorporating it into your headline you are drawing attention to what is unique about your property. A headline should be short and attention grabbing. On your WebDirect website you can place your headline as the Title or Header on the homepage. Of course, you can add more detail to the short description, but this headline will quickly help relay the benefit to your potential guests.

3. Reviews and Awards

It’s no secret, guests like to read reviews. If you are looking to purchase a new product, you too would search out people who have used the product to find out if they were happy with their purchase. Guests are no different. The easiest way to incorporate reviews on to your homepage is to link your website to your TripAdvisor and Facebook page for guests to visit and read reviews.

In addition to guest reviews you should also display any awards you’ve received on your homepage. Highlighting the most recent TripAdvisor, Booking.com, National or Local Travel award on your homepage can reinforce to guests that your property is where they should stay.

4. Clear Call to Action

A clear call to action is the biggest selling point of your website. The ‘Book Now’ or ‘Reservation’ button is displayed prominently and clearly on a WebDirect site. This prompts the visitor as to what action you want them to take.

Additionally, we recommend adding promotions on the homepage of your website. By featuring your special offers or seasonal discounts on your homepage you are giving your visitors a reason to book directly on your website. When you create your promotions, make sure to include all the details and a clear call to action for booking that promotion.

Homepage Checklist

Take a look at your website through the eyes of a guest. If you had never heard of your property and were seeing your website for the first time, would you book? Spend some time thinking about the key benefits your property offers guests and update the homepage of your website to highlight that information front and centre with images and text.

In summary, follow this homepage checklist:

  • Feature your best 4-6 photos in the slideshow
  • Use a headline or tagline to distinguish your brand
  • Reinforce your marketing with reviews and awards
  • Include a clear call to action

WebDirect, BookingSuite’s website builder makes these content tweaks easy. If you’re already a Booking.com partner but don’t yet have a WebDirect website, you can learn more here.

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