Website branding: How to choose the right website colours for your property

When it comes to designing a hotel website, the best tech solutions offer ready-made templates that can be set up in a couple of clicks. However, you’ll still need to decide on one essential element: your website colour scheme. Read on to learn how colour psychology affects your brand image.

Everyone has a favourite colour, and it’s never random. Whether it’s the colour of the car you drive or the clothes you wear, your choices communicate something about you and your personality. Everyone wants the world to see and perceive them in a certain way.

Similarly, the colours you choose for your website have a big, if subtle, influence on potential guests’ decision to make a booking. How your website looks and feels to visitors says a lot about what kind of property you run – and picking the wrong colour scheme can send the wrong message.

Colour psychology and branding

When you’re developing your hotel brand, it’s important to know that different colours can evoke different moods and emotions. Green signals peace, red generates excitement, blue signifies trust – there’s a whole rainbow of colours and associated meanings.

If you run a quiet beachside resort, your website colour scheme should be very different to a sleek city hotel that targets business travellers. So before you decide on the mood or emotion you want to convey through your website, consider who your guests are and what they’re looking for in an accommodation.

How to choose your brand colour

A ‘hex’ is a universal colour code made up of 6 letters and numbers. The numbers represent the intensity of green, blue and red in a pixel – meaning each specific hex code represents a specific colour hue. You can play around with the Google colour picker to see which colour hue you like best when designing a hotel website.

How to identify a hex colour from a logo

If you already have a brand logo that uses a certain colour but you’re not sure of the exact hex colour code, there are online tools that can identify colours in an uploaded image. If you have a WebDirect website, it’s really easy to update your colour scheme.

Make sure your photos complement your website colours

Once you’ve chosen the colour scheme that best suits your property, it’s worth reviewing your photos to make sure they evoke a similar mood. Whether you have a budget for professional hotel photography or you take your own hotel photos, make sure your website has high-resolution images that show not only the kinds of facilities your guests expect, but also that evoke the right feel for your target market.

No matter your size or type of property, using the right colours on your website will help you convey your desired brand image and reach the right segment of potential guests.

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