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The world is your oyster: localised website content

Have you ever been lost in a foreign city? It's an experience that many people have had at some point - looking around confused, trying to decipher road signs, asking the nearest passer-by for directions to a place that you suspect you're grossly mispronouncing.

It can be fun and charming, and often you'll end up going vaguely in the right direction. But if you had the choice to get directions in your own language, would you still choose the sign-language conversation - when you might miss a crucial detail?

The same applies to the world of online travel. People want to read things in their own language - especially when money's changing hands. In fact, a recent study by Common Sense Advisory suggests that 80% of people in the EU won't buy travel services online if the content isn't available in their language.

Why a localised website is key to online success

Global travel is on the rise, and as a property owner, people from any corner of the world could be looking at your website. So if you want to open your doors to international guests, then you'll need a site that's localised in multiple languages. Otherwise, you're back to sign language in the street - and while it might be fun, it doesn't pay the bills.

With a WebDirect site, your content can be translated into up to 35 languages – so you can reach people from Barcelona to Bangalore, from Bucharest to Brasilia. To help you get the most out of your property website, we’re inviting you to watch our recorded webinar video. Website localisation is just one of the useful tips and tricks shared by our marketing expert.

Just click the link below to watch the video.

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