The power of social media and customer feedback in the hotel industry

Consumers today are more aware of advertising than ever before. Learn how to cut through the noise by using social media and customer feedback to increase customer engagement.

In this article, we’ll explain the importance of using social media and customer feedback to increase engagement with your customers and build brand awareness through relevant content.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with a huge amount of advertising material on a daily basis, a phenomenon called ‘noise’. Therefore, reaching new or returning guests may become more difficult. At the same time, there are more and more channels to reach them through – mobile, TV, website banners, billboards. These days 87% of consumers are using two devices at the same time (e.g. TV and mobile), and this ‘distracted’ consumer is becoming the new standard. Relevancy is key to cutting through the noise and combating this growing level of distraction. You can build relevancy when websites and people share (or re-share) content about your property on social networks and customer feedback sites.

Social Networking

Simply put, social networking is the building and curating of personal or business relationships on an online platform. It is an effective way to build brand awareness and increase online visibility among other professionals from your sector, and it’s driven by sharing rich conversations and questions. For the hotel industry in particular, one of the best channels for social networking is LinkedIn. Users can easily participate in interesting online conversations about specific, market-related topics and learn about industry trends.

Some tips for increasing engagement with your audience on LinkedIn:

  • Sharing is caring. Don’t be afraid to share your property’s best practises. In the information age, people who share knowledge on social media can become true experts and thought leaders in their community.
  • Be meaningful. There is so much information online already, so it’s likely that there will already be a buzz around your topic of expertise. If you want to speak about a topic, research first and check which information is “out there” already. Bring something unique to your audience.
  • Build good relationships. Find other hoteliers and influencers from the hotel industry who are active on social media. Take advantage of the opportunity to build relationships, exchange knowledge, and form partnerships.

Customer Feedback Sites

A customer feedback site is a space where guests can leave property reviews after their stay. According to Hospitality Net, 97.7% of consumers read reviews before making a booking — the impact of reviews is quite substantial for your property’s reputation. Users are more inclined to trust a property with good reviews on major rating websites like TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, or Facebook. Answer any and all reviews that you receive from these sites! Your timely response shows that you care about both your guests and your business in general.

Some tips for answering reviews:

  • Be transparent. People are looking for authenticity and appreciate honesty.
  • Feedback is important. Criticism can be tough, but it also provides opportunities for improvement. Imagine turning an unsatisfied guest into a loyal customer by actioning something they mentioned in a review.
  • Humanise your property. People don’t like answers from robots. Always personalise your replies.
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