Social media content ideas to increase your online visibility

Through the use of Facebook and Instagram you can capture the attention of your customers and build a connection between your property and your guests. We know it's not always easy, which is why we put together four social media content ideas to inspire your next post.

Promotions and Contests

The latest Instagram stats show 800 million active users and 400 million users on Instagram Stories, this platform will help build your property’s brand awareness by creating emotional connections needed to build engagement. 

Instagram uses hashtags (#) to organise the photos for content similar to each other. When deciding on what hashtags to pick, think about what your target audience will be searching for and where you want to be found. A good mix of local and travel hashtags on photos is a great place to start. If #SaturdayBrunchWithFriends describes some of your best promotions, then a beautiful photo of besties enjoying the most delicious spread you have to offer will keep your guests coming back. Offer promotions and contests that will excite the senses like "Tea and Tartletts", or a "Couples Getaway" featuring a spa package.

Local Events and Attractions

Act local, but think global. Guests want to not only know what is happening at your property, but about events and attractions in the area. So be sure to highlight mouthwatering food or famous music festivals that might appeal to you guests. Your favourite coffee shop, the local boutique, or the hole in the wall restaurant that is a local gem - these hidden secrets are the perfect way to give guests a glimpse of your area.

While you're at it, get involved with the community by following and 'liking' other local business pages on social media. Engaging with the content of other business will increase the visibility of your brand and potentially increase your audience.

Branding and Personalising

Don't be afraid of what you have to offer, and post with a purpose. Snapping a picture of a recently hosted event or a newly renovated space with #ThisRoomIsAmazing photo on Instagram will help put the spotlight on your hotel. Highlight the features that are special about your property, staff, or amenities and show them off. 

Share behind the scenes photos of your property working hard to prepare a wonderful guest experience. This adds a personal touch and builds a relationship with your followers.

Resuing and Reposting

Blog posts are a wonderful way to profile your hotel and show your personality, but don’t limit yourself to using them only once - they can be easily repurposed for social media. Remind guests what made you unique in the first place, and why they keep coming back. Give your older blog post a retro feel, in the form of a black and white or sepia photo, showing that rich brown pigment; taking your customers back in time!

When we think about how important word-of-mouth is, we can understand how best to use content generated by guests (e.g. a guest sharing a photo, tagging their location or using a hashtag for your property). Reposting that content on your social media page not only allows you to engage with current guests, but it also helps in building a positive perception of your property and creating more value. Future guests feel like they can trust content generated by fellow travellers knowing it is coming from someone like them.

As you build your social media presence try one (or all four) of these tips.

  • Create promotions and contests
  • Share local content about events and nearby attractions
  • Be consistent with your brand voice and personalise whenever possible
  • Reshare a blog post or a guest post

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