Photography tips for hotel images that sell rooms

Hotel images speak for themselves by visually telling the story of your property. Professional photography of your property accurately portrays what guests can expect. Follow these photography tips to visually optimise your property website.

Professional photography is an important piece of your hotel marketing strategy. But how can your hotel images compete with the visual distractions of the internet to gain the attention of potential guests? Each time we go online, we consume countless images. These images help tell stories—and sell products—online. Your hotel photography should have the same goal.

Accommodation providers should take full advantage of this principle to tell their story and sell more rooms. Online distribution channels provide the perfect platforms to post high-resolution images of your property. Your listing and direct website are two places where you can use property images to influence a guest’s first impressions of your accommodations.

WebDirect syncs directly with a property’s listing to aggregate content already uploaded into the extranet. This means that high-quality professional photography of your property work double-time to create an impressive listing and WebDirect property website.

So how can you use hotel images to show all areas of your property in the best way possible?

Do just that. Show off all aspects of your property from the reception desk to recreation facilities. Follow this guide of photography tips and you’ll be on your way to more business on both and your WebDirect site.


A quality image of your building’s exterior will set guest expectations about what type of property you offer. Framing becomes especially important when capturing a larger building. Follow the rule of thirds when shooting exterior property images. Divide the image into thirds, horizontally and vertically. Place the focal points of the shot where the lines intersect. This photography tip creates a balanced frame and naturally draws the viewer’s eye to the most compelling features of your property’s exterior.

Lobby & Reception

The next area of your online hotel images should highlight the common areas of your property, including the lobby and reception. Through this professional photography, potential guests will get a sense of your property’s ambience. Plus, they can easily imagine their own arrival to your lovely accommodation.

Meals research shows that properties which show images of meals—especially the always popular breakfast photos—perform well. If your property offers meals, show what you prepare for guests using food photos. Let guests see what delicious food awaits them in detail!


Some guests find facilities very important to their stay. Rather than simply listing your workout room or pool as features of your property, take the time to conduct a hotel photoshoot and show potential guests through property images what extras they can expect at your accommodations.

Guest Rooms

When it comes to hotel photography featuring a guest room, we recommend at least four photo perspectives per room type: a view from the entry, a view from the window, a detail shot, and a flattering view of the bathroom. When it comes to photography tips, it is good to know that the bathroom photo is especially important to guests.

In addition, showing the differences between your room types using hotel images can help justify higher rates for upscale rooms. In the end, guests want quick, accurate professional photography impressions of the potential guest room where they’ll stay and sleep.

Views & Location

There’s nothing better than a guest room with a view. Show your guests property images of what they’ll see from room balconies and terraces. Location photography of your property’s views will help paint a complete picture of your grounds and location.

Hotel photography should speak for itself and help your website tell the story of your property. Professional photography should accurately portray your property and all it has to offer. Hotel images showcased on your website through WebDirect help convince guests to book your accommodations because your property images give a sense of what the guest will experience once at your location.

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