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How to exceed guest expectations and build customer loyalty at your hotel

Every property, whether it be a hotel, B&B, guest house, offers a set of key selling points. Likewise, guests of every budget have set expectations of a property when they make a booking. The problem arises when expectations do not match reality.  We’ll show you how to identify your key selling points and incorporate them into your marketing strategy to exceed guest expectations. To provide your guests with an exceptional stay you must be aware of three things:

  • What your guests expect from their stay
  • What your guests want from their stay
  • What would transform your guests’ stay, turning it from ‘good’ to ‘exceptional’.

From the moment a guest hears about your property their expectations start to grow. It is therefore essential for your digital marketing strategy that your key selling points are communicated clearly on your property website and any social media channels to turn lookers into bookers. The benefits are not limited to in-room offers, but include the services that shape a guest’s experience. Your most attractive benefit might be your complimentary airport shuttle or your free sandcastle building kit for kids. Successfully identify what these key selling points are for your property to ensure that you make a lasting impression on your guests and stay ahead of your competitors.

Key selling points may be hidden in your guest reviews

Find out what your guests truly value by taking some time to read your reviews. What are guests talking about? It’s probably not what your guest expects from their stay - the hairdryer in the bathroom or the desk lamp in the room. But are guests raving about your comfortable beds? Excellent breakfast? Guided bike tours? If more than one guest has mentioned a positive experience, service, or physical amenity that you offer, make sure it is prominently featured on your website!

Start by thinking outside the box

Stay ahead of your competition by offering something that will be truly unique to your property and promote this in your online marketing strategy. Start by identifying the kind of guests you are hoping to attract. Business travellers, families and couples all have different preferences and pain points - relieve those pain points and you’re more likely to be remembered and receive positive guest reviews or feedback as a result. Remember that the little things add up and make a real difference with guest satisfaction. Some of the most memorable amenities are unexpected small services that leave guests feeling like they received something special.


If it suits your property, think about how you can incorporate technology into your offer. For many guests good wifi has moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ in the past few years. But you don’t have to invest in the latest 3D Smart TVs to keep your guests entertained. Consider simpler (and cheaper) alternatives like:

  • Guest to front desk chat service, or using Facebook messenger to help you stay in touch with guests
  • USB or wireless charging stations - particularly if many of your guests would otherwise need adaptors
  • Chromecasts – guests can wirelessly stream to your TVs from any device


Transportation to and from locations can be the most stressful part of travel. Alleviate this pain point with things like:

  • Clear instructions from the main transport hub to your property
  • Discounted passes for public transit with printed schedules
  • Bikes for guest to use while exploring the area

Highlight your key selling points on your website

Start by dedicating a page on your website to your key selling points. However, to keep a potential guest engaged highlight your top amenities naturally throughout your site. Do you offer a full cooked breakfast? Make sure this stands out on your dining page. Here are a few other strategies to consider:

  • Include images and descriptions of your most talked about selling points
  • Include quotes from past guests
  • Create a page specifically for the type of traveller you want to attract. Ensure you highlight the most relevant selling points for them. E.g. “Top Amenities for Business Travellers” to your Meetings & Events page, or “Family Movie Nights” to your Family Attractions pages.

Honesty is the best policy

The age-old saying ‘honesty is the best policy’ definitely applies when writing about your property. While its important to make sure your website text is engaging, first and foremost it should be an accurate description of what your guest will experience. On the other hand, ensure you don’t undersell your benefits either. This is where high quality photos and great guest reviews can be extremely useful. Its an evolving process to meet the ever changing expectations of your guests. When you start identifying what your guests want, finding creative ways to address their needs and then strategically communicating these key selling points online, you can sculpt their expectations in a way that matches the reality you provide. Want to learn what other partners are doing to make their property stand out? Join the partner forum and connect with Booking.com partners like you today.


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