New year, new hotel tech: what to look for in 2019

To kick off the new year, we offer tips on what kind of hotel technology can help you stay competitive in the hospitality industry, improve the guest experience and future-proof your business.

Whether you’re shopping for a Property Management System (PMS), reservation management program, rates and availability technology or any other tools, here are three tips to keep in mind when evaluating potential solutions in 2019:

1. Consider using cloud-based technology

If you’ve been using the same PMS for the last ten or 15 years, chances are it’s become your trusty (if outdated) sidekick where all your upcoming reservations, sales data and pricing history sits.

So it’s understandable if you’re reluctant to change from what you know, whether that’s down to potential costs or time constraints. However, when it comes to switching, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Switching to a native cloud-based system – software that stores everything online – is much more efficient, as it allows you to update your key data seamlessly in one go and reduces the need for manual maintenance of multiple systems.

What’s more, moving to the cloud now will future-proof your business in the long term, so you’ll be ready for whatever technological changes that come in the next ten years.

2. Look to adopt ‘connected’ technology

It’s all too easy to characterise accommodation owners who still manage reservations manually as “backward”. For some, it’s simply a case of not fully trusting the technology – they use a paper diary as a backup to their digital diary, for example – while others have just not found the right technology for their needs.

Indeed, not all technology is 100% smart. For example, imagine if you adopted an automated check-in app that, on the face of it, does its job – lets guests check in remotely – but then later you realise that it doesn’t connect to your reservations system. Such an app would not be that helpful if you still have to manually mark guests as having arrived.

Adopting technology should always make your work more efficient and your business more profitable. Whenever you’re shopping around for a solution, look for one that:

  • Easily connects to other systems
  • Prioritises connectivity (lets you trial it together with your current tech)
  • Allows simple, one-click integration with your existing tech

3. Think like a guest: the ‘connected trip’

The modern traveller is connected to technology throughout each stage of their journey, from trip planning to check-in. That means they expect their hotel to be connected, too.

To meet this growing demand, it’s important to think as your guests do. Whether it’s giving them the power to check in remotely through an app, or using messaging technology to answer special requests, it’s vital that you use the right technology to help make their trip – and stay – as smooth as possible.

So if you want to stay competitive, provide great in-stay experiences and future-proof your business, make sure adopting new tech solutions is one of your new year’s resolutions.


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