What questions should you ask in your next hotel guest survey?

Asking your guests to fill out a survey can sometimes feel like nagging, but did you know that properties who ask for feedback actually do get more reviews? Not only this, but gathering guests’ opinions has been shown to lead to better scores and a reduction in extreme reviews on public forums like review sites. 

The way you structure your guest survey can even influence the way travellers recall their experience, while sending a survey mid-stay can turn the experience around altogether – giving you an opportunity to address any problems while the guest is still there.

But what should you be asking to get the most from your guest surveys? Here are the questions research suggests you should include, as well as a few tips on collecting and measuring your results.

Find out your Net Promoter Score

The main questions you should be asking are around your Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS is all about gauging how likely your guests would be to recommend your property – and research suggests it can really influence your overall business growth. For example, an average NPS increase of 7% has been shown to result in a roughly 1% rise in revenue. 

This boost in income comes from accommodation owners asking the right questions and taking prompt action on feedback. Guests leave feeling happier, more satisfied, and therefore, more likely to want to tell the world about their stay. 

To start measuring your Net Promoter Score, you’ll need to ask the following question:

“On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend {property name} to friends, family or colleagues?”

The responses can then be divided into three groups:

  • Detractors (0-6 out of 10).

These guests are unhappy and could potentially damage your property’s reputation by leaving negative reviews, or through word-of-mouth.

  • Passives (7-8 out of 10)

Passive guests are satisfied but not particularly enthusiastic. They’re unlikely to damage your property’s reputation, although they might not recommend you either – and could easily stay with a competitor next time.

  • Promoters (9-10 out of 10)

Promoters are very happy! They loved their stay with you, and are likely to come back again. They’ll enthuse about your property in reviews and recommend you by word-of-mouth, too. 

You can then use this calculation to work out your overall score. If you’re using a special guest review solution, it will likely have this feature built in already.

To discover more about why your guests gave the scores they did – and give you valuable action points – follow-up with open-ended questions like:

  • “What changes could we have made to make you more likely to recommend us?”
  • “What did we do really well?”

The average NPS for US hotels is 36 – how does your property compare? Keep an eye on how your Detractors, Passives, Promoters and your overall score change over time.  

Other important focus areas

Effective guest surveys are short, so use your space wisely by asking about what matters. The following areas each play a big part in satisfaction, and can sometimes make or break the stay for your guests.

The check-in/check-out process

Ask questions about the check-in and check-out process to see if there’s anything you could streamline.

The room or whole apartment

Find out about overall satisfaction, as well as specifics like cleanliness and amenities. 

Your staff

Are your staff friendly? Can they answer questions and solve problems effectively? Ask your guests! 

Food (if applicable)

Gauge whether you’re selling the right dishes for the right price by asking about the range of food and value for money. 

3 tips for getting the most out of your surveys

  1. Try to limit your survey to 10 questions or fewer. To make sure people finish it, it should take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete.
  2. Only ask questions about things you can change – your property’s location, for example, isn’t something you can do anything about.
  3. If you’ve already identified a specific issue, don’t ask questions about it again until it’s resolved. That way you’ll be able to gather new information, instead of hearing what you already know.

Collecting survey data

It might seem difficult to set up a guest survey yourself, but there are solutions out there that have been specially designed to make it as simple as possible. 

These tools allow you to send pre-, during- and post-stay surveys, customised with your own hotel branding. They also help you sort your positive and negative feedback into themes, so you can easily identify what’s going well and what needs to be addressed immediately. 

You might even be able to connect your survey results to your Property Management System, where you’ll be able to create profiles for your guests. That way, if a guest stays again, you’ll get a clear picture of their expectations before they even arrive – so you can compare any new feedback with their existing comments and ratings. 

Ready to start building your next guest survey? You can find solutions to help you collect and measure your data in the BookingSuite App Store. Take a look here. 

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