How a custom domain name can boost hotel reservations

Learn how a custom domain name and website address can help optimise your hotel marketing strategy, boost your hotel website’s digital branding and increase hotel reservations up to 18 times over.

“What’s in a name?”. Had Shakespeare worked in digital branding rather than the creative arts, he’d never have questioned the importance of a name. When it comes to your hotel marketing strategy, your domain name is key. So what exactly is a custom domain, or a custom URL? In this article, we explain how a simple, personalised website address can boost the credibility of your hotel brand, improve your hotel website’s performance and increase your hotel reservations up to 18 times over.

What is a custom domain?

Don’t worry, we won’t make this any more technical than it needs to be. Sure, we could sit here and talk all day about network protocols or server entries, but there’s no need to. You know why?

Because you already know what a custom domain is. You’ve typed one into your web browser thousands of times. For example, you’re probably quite familiar with the world’s most visited domain:

So, to put it simply, a domain name is just the unique identifying part of a website address (or a URL to use the technical term). A custom domain name, then, forms part of a personalised website address, also known as a custom URL.

In your case, your website address is what connects potential guests to you and your property. Without it, they simply won’t find your hotel website, and they won’t be able to make a hotel reservation with you.

Why a custom domain is key – and how it can increase your bookings 18 times over on WebDirect

A custom domain name plays a key role in the digital branding of your hotel. In order to differentiate your hotel website from another similar website, your personalised website address should be short, unique and memorable.

For example, a snappy custom URL like is much more likely to make an impression in online customers’ minds than a lengthy website address like

As your hotel website is the first point of contact potential guests will have with your business, a personalised domain name and website address will help you position your hotel brand right from the start.

But there’s another reason why a custom domain name should be an essential part of your hotel marketing strategy: it can have a huge impact on the performance of your hotel website and the number of hotel reservations you receive directly.

Among BookingSuite partners who use our own WebDirect website solution, we’ve seen that, on average, those who have a custom domain receive 24 times more website traffic and 18 times more hotel reservations than those who use a generic website domain name. This is due to the fact that linking your custom website address to your WebDirect hotel website increases your ranking on search engines like Google.

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