3 ways concierge apps can benefit your small property

It’s becoming more and more common for hotels to have their own mobile apps, but small property owners often think only big chains can make use of them. That’s no longer the case – the rise of concierge apps means offering guests a connected experience is now in every property’s reach, including small independent hotels and home properties. Here’s why you might want to consider using one too.

What’s a concierge app?

As the name implies, the idea of a concierge app is that it does the job of the traditional hotel concierge. For smaller independent hotels, it can reduce your front desk’s workload, while for home properties it can help you provide an always-available service without any extra time commitment.

What can concierge apps do?

A skilled hotel concierge does more than just give guests directions to local landmarks or recommend and book restaurants. They add a level of personal service, form a connection with guests and make an impression that keeps guests returning time and again.

A good concierge app should do the same – here are just some of the things one can do for your small property:


  • Give guests quick and easy access to important information 


This might be the time breakfast is served, check-in and check-out times or simply the wifi login details. Guests might normally contact the front desk for these details, so making them available through the app can save you time and money – while also making things more straightforward for the guest.


  • Offer local recommendations for things to see and do 


Just like the most common understanding of a traditional concierge’s role, many concierge apps let you include an interactive map loaded with your own expert recommendations for attractions, restaurants and more.

This combines the personal service your guests expect with the modern convenience of GPS-powered directions to get them around. With some apps you can even use your recommendations to upsell, allowing you to generate extra revenue.


  • Generate digital room keys for automated check-in 


It’s not only big chains with even bigger budgets that can afford to offer automated check-in. Some concierge apps allow your guests to use a digital key – right on their phone – to open their room. 

This doesn’t have to replace the human check-in experience completely, but it can speed things up. And it also allows you to be more flexible – so your guests can check in outside usual hours without you needing to take on extra staff.

3 benefits of a concierge app for a smaller property

It’s easy to translate the functions of a concierge app into tangible benefits for your property – and for your guests:

  1. You can offer more personalised service without needing to hire more staff or put in extra hours yourself.
  2. By automating recurring interactions you can also cut costs and drive efficiency – without compromising the guest experience.
  3. You can even use information about your guests’ preferences, interests and activities to tailor future marketing materials – or just impress them next time with an ultra-personalised stay.

In short, concierge apps are a valuable way of turning first-time visitors into return guests.


It’s safe to say that there’s plenty that concierge apps can do for smaller properties. Not only can they make your operations more efficient, but they can add that extra level of service on top of the human touch you already provide.

Take a look at our App Store to discover some of the possibilities concierge apps can bring to your property.

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