Understanding chatbots: 4 ways they can boost your business

Want to receive more bookings and make your guests happier? Then you might want to start using a chatbot feature. Chatbots are no longer robots that only send out emotionless error messages – in fact, they’ve developed into personable, helpful and efficient assistants.

Chatbots are now a huge part of guest communication in the hospitality industry. You can even pre-program auto responses to frequently asked questions with the answer you want your guest to receive.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how using a chatbot feature can improve different aspects of the guest experience. Here are four benefits for your business.

1) Guests are more likely to complete their bookings

Maybe a guest wants to know room rates in December? Or perhaps they want to see if it’s possible to book a massage on arrival? Instead of being left on hold or waiting for an email back, a chatbot will instantly answer your guest’s question. By making it quicker for guests to achieve what they need to, they’re less likely to get frustrated and lose interest while they make their booking.

It’s often said, ‘time saved is money saved’, and there’s truth to this research shows 57% of consumers enjoy communicating with chatbots because of their ability to respond immediately. So by making your guest messaging system quicker, more bookings are likely to be made at your property.

2) Less opportunities will be missed

Imagine a prospective guest rings your reception to ask about pool opening times. While your receptionist is on the phone, two guests walk past the desk but don’t enquire about dinner because your receptionist looks occupied. And three more guests are greeted by a busy phone line when they call to make a booking. These are missed opportunities and missing opportunities means losing out on money.

However, if your property used a guest communication platform with a chatbot feature, you could save this money. The guest would find the pool’s opening times at the click of a button. This would keep your business open for bookings and allow your staff to focus on providing top class customer service.

3) You’ll be able to see where your property can improve

Through the conversations a chatbot has, it gathers valuable information and data that can help your business.

Do guests keep asking your chatbot how to get to the airport? You could think about setting up a shuttle service. Or are messages always about check-in times? Then you know you need to make your check-in times more obvious on your website.

As well as highlighting areas you can work on, a chatbot’s data can also improve guest segmentation. This will allow your business to send personalised messages to guests which they’re much likelier to respond positively to.

4) It will be easier to build better relationships with your guests

Studies show that today’s travellers prefer to get booking support via instant messaging. By enhancing your hotel guest communication platform with a chatbot, you’re creating a more convenient guest experience and encouraging them to start a conversation.

Your chatbot is a constant marketeer, available 24/7 to help your guests any way it can. This promptness of service makes guests feel special, meaning they’ll be more likely to leave positive guest reviews about your property. And a higher review score means more direct online bookings are likely to be made.

Ultimately, making the most of your guest messaging system by using a chatbot is a great way to make your guests feel prioritised and more satisfied with your service. And of course, having happier guests leads to more bookings and an increase in revenue.

So, perhaps the next time you see the term ‘chatbot’ you won’t think of an error ridden robot and instead a helpful assistant that could boost your business.

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