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5 ways to use video on your hotel website

When it comes to your property website, it can be challenging to understand which hotel digital marketing trends are relevant and necessary to achieve success. How do you best represent your property online? How do you drive qualified traffic to your hotel website? Video content is an important recurring trend that will keep you relevant and make you more discoverable with guests. This post covers ways you can best engage with guests through video on your hotel website.

Video became more relevant in 2017; its presence has only continued to rise and remains on the forefront of hotel marketing strategies in the travel industry. Google’s ‘Think with Google’ Travel Trends 2016’ article stated that “Travellers don’t merely turn to the web to get ideas or inspiration for a trip; they’re also relying on it to get their trip right.”

In fact, 3 in 5 travellers who watch online video use it to narrow down their destination or activity choices. You can easily use video to promote your location or unique activities available at your property.

Easy production and promotion via your smartphone

Remember that you don’t need to hire a professional or spend a lot of money on expensive video equipment to create great hotel website content in the form of video. A common device that is used for video production today is your smartphone.

You can easily make a fun, high-quality video with the help of your smartphone and stream it on Instagram or Facebook to support your hotel marketing. Use Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to share. Instagram Stories allows you to post a series of photos or videos in a sequence, all of which appear at the top of a user’s Instagram feed and flow as a slideshow when clicked. Facebook Live is just as it sounds - live video streaming, available to any Facebook user, all broadcasted from the device of your choice. The video clips you create can be shorter or longer segments - both platforms provide the flexibility to present video at whichever length you would prefer.

Bring ordinary hotel website content to life through video

Now that you understand how easy it will be to integrate video into your hotel website content, here are some ideas for you to use.

Q&A Session

Use Facebook Live to host Q&A sessions with your General Manager or Concierge. These video types will drive engagement because the host can ask for comments, questions and feedback from the online audience or simply by posting a contact email. This not only gives the guest an understanding of your property’s culture but additional insight into the experience they’re signing up for and the personality of your property. The guest gets to know your property before arriving!


Maybe you have a small staff - instead you could use man’s best friend to visualise the pet-friendly aspect of your property. Create a video starring one of your favorite four-legged guests or local animal celebrity. Show a dog walking into the lobby, checking in, receiving a treat and prancing to his room. This could be the perfect opportunity to share your video on different social channels to support your online hotel marketing. A fun video featuring animals will likely produce a higher level of engagement in the form of comments, likes and shares.


If your property is undergoing some construction changes, share bits and pieces of the renovation process with your guests through a short video and highlight the progress you’re making. Show before and after video tours of your property on your hotel website so guests can see the new improvements. After the remodel is complete, put together a time-lapse video showcasing all of your progress.

Behind the Scenes

If you have a restaurant or bar on-site, share exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage. Film your favorite staff chef or bartender making one of their specialty items or promote recipes exclusive to your region through a video. Stir excitement amongst guests by introducing them to your preferred offerings prior to their stay.

Guest Reviews

Instead of merely copying and pasting guest reviews onto one of your hotel website pages, record guests delivering live feedback on their way out the door. Remember to think outside of the box - no need to exclusively interview adults. If you have a family friendly property, ask a few younger guests to share their experience too. This is an easy, personalised way to encourage feedback and get your front desk staff positively interacting with them before their departure. It could be the perfect way to wrap up your guest’s experience and leave them with a lovely impression of your staff. The guest will more than likely also share this video with their friends and family (great promotion for you!).

Start a new video for your website today

So, grab your phone and get recording! Have other ideas or video success tips to share? Write a comment below.

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