3 reasons you don’t have a property website

Setting your business up online is as important today as listing your phone number in the Yellow Pages was in the past. If you don’t have a website, you simply won’t exist in the eyes of thousands of potential customers.

You already know this, but perhaps haven’t had the time, money, energy or confidence to create your property website. In this blog post, we suggest ways to overcome these common blockers – including a special offer to get you started.

Reason 1: You’re worried that setting up and maintaining a website will be difficult

You could get a professional developer to build a website for you from scratch. However, each time you want to make a change or update a page, you’ll need to go through that person – which can be time consuming, and get very expensive, very quickly.

Alternatively, you could pay a small, fixed monthly price for an easy-build solution. Using readymade templates and customisable designs, a property website builder helps you add text and photos quickly. Plus, you get to make as many edits as you like.

What’s more, unlike a generic website provider, a property website builder is specifically designed to attract travellers and generate direct bookings.

Reason 2: You’re satisfied with the number of bookings you get through Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

It’s great to be in a position where you’re happy with your current level of business. But what if you could maintain the same number of bookings while making more of a profit?

Having your own property website plays a vital role in optimising your channel mix because it generates direct bookings – which means less commission paid and more money in your pocket. It also makes you less dependent on third parties, so you have more control over your revenue during changes in the market.

In addition, many guests who book through OTAs like to double-check a property’s own website before making a reservation. So if you don’t have your own site, you could be missing out on a chance to secure that guest’s booking either directly or through your OTA listing.

Reason 3: You’re worried about getting overbookings if you open up a new channel

Overbookings are a legitimate concern for any accommodation and something anyone would rather avoid. So it's important to find a connected solution with an embedded booking engine. A hotel booking engine is the software used by guests to book your property online. It allows you to sell rooms directly on your website, as well as through advertisements on Facebook and other popular social networking sites - without you needing to close out rooms or worry about overbookings.

Sure, you could avoid overbookings by sticking to email or phone reservations only and manually updating your availability. But you’re also sure to lose out on a huge amount of potential guests who want to save time, book directly online and get an instant confirmation.

A WebDirect property website comes with a built-in booking engine that mirrors your availability on Booking.com. That means your property becomes bookable on two channels, and your room inventory updates instantly when you get a reservation on either one.

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