20 ways your property can benefit from using social media

Recent research showed that over three billion people across the globe are now using social networks – not just to chat to family and friends, but to engage with brands and businesses too. So by getting your property on social media, you’ll be able to interact with more potential guests and word will spread quicker about your business.

Here are the top 20 ways social media marketing can help your property.

1. Social media will increase your brand awareness

Do you want to come across as a cosy B&B or a stylish apartment? Through social media platforms such as Instagram, you can craft your image and give guests the right impression of your business.

2. Word about your hotel will spread faster

If your property is on social media, guests can recommend or share your property at the click of a button – it’s the modern day ‘word of mouth’.

3. Guests will know that to expect when they arrive

Setting the right expectations can improve your guest reviews. For example, if your hotel offers small, budget-friendly rooms, showcasing this on your social platforms will save you from negative reviews saying your rooms weren’t big enough.

4. Relationships with guests will be formed and strengthened

When your hotel is active on social media, your door will always be open to both new and loyal guests. Your brand will appear more approachable as guests will be able to connect with you whenever they need to.

5. Having an online presence will humanise your brand

Studies show that more than half of adults don’t trust a brand until they see ‘real-world’ proof the brand keeps its promises. You can position your hotel as a down to earth and honest business by posting real photos of your staff or positive guest reviews.

6. You’ll be able to reach more guests

Billions of people use social media, so the amount of people your content can reach is immense. If you have a specific audience you want to attract, you can even target content at specific ages, genders and locations.

7. It’ll give your business a voice

On social networks you can reply to guests’ queries both publicly and privately. This gives you a valuable opportunity to personally help your guests with any problems.

8. Your property will appear interesting and current

If potential guests are intrigued and entertained by the content you post, they’re more likely to book a stay at your property. People log into their social media accounts at least once per day, so you have a chance to connect with your guests on a daily basis.

9. Using social media will show your business keeps up with modern technology

It never feels good to be left behind. By making sure you’re on top of your social media marketing, you’ll stay ahead of your competitors and show guests you’re at the forefront of your industry.

10. More traffic will reach your website

Linking content from your social channels to your website will encourage potential guests to visit and find out more about your property.

11. Being on social media will boost your bookings

Investing some time into making sure you have a strong online presence will increase interest in your brand, which will inevitably lead to more rooms being booked.

12. You can give your audience what they want

Don’t be afraid to ask your followers what they want to see on your social channels. Starting a contest or creating a hashtag will allow you to share user-generated content and encourage engagement.

13. Social media can open up a discussion with your guests

Not sure what to add to your new breakfast menu? Ask your followers. Social media offers an opportunity to start a conversation with your guests.

14. You can protect your property’s reputation

If there are a string of negative comments or reviews about your property, having an online presence will let you keep an eye on it and make sure issues are dealt with promptly.

15. You’ll be more readily available to help guests with a problem

Research shows if your brand isn’t available to offer support to guests via a social channel it will be detrimental to your bottom line. Being responsive to guests’ queries will make them more likely to book with you again and leave a positive review.

16. You can learn more about your guests

Through your guests interacting with your social media channels, you’ll be able to gather data that can help future marketing strategies and tell you exactly who your audience is.

17. Areas to improve will become obvious

Do people keep leaving negative comments about the cleanliness of your bathrooms or your early check-out time? If this is the case, you’ll know those are aspects of your business that need to be looked at.

18. You can keep a close eye on competition

Tracking what other hotels are up to on their social channels is a good way to see what they’re failing to do well –- and where they’re leaving gaps in the market for you to succeed.

19. Social media will allow you to stay on top of industry news

In today’s world, things are constantly changing – but you can guarantee you’re always in the know about any upcoming changes in the hospitality industry through social listening.

20. You can make sure your advertising reaches the right people

If your hotel appeals to a certain demographic of people, your advertising should too. Social ads are an inexpensive and savvy way to reach the exact kind of guests you want staying at your property.

Internet bookings are increasing at a rate of 50% every year, making it crucial for hotels to have online marketing strategies. And ultimately, getting your business on social media is a great way to attract more guests, be more responsive, and stay up to date with industry news.

So if you want to improve your business – working on your social media presence could be the best first step to take.

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