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Smart tech that will wow your guests

From cars to smartphones, technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s essentials – so it pays to be ahead of the curve. In fact, in a recent study, 60% of guests said they’d pay more to stay in a property with smart devices. Here are five smart technologies that will help modernise your property. “Smart tech that will wow your guests”Continue reading
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Website branding: How to choose the right website colours for your property

When it comes to designing a hotel website, the best tech solutions offer ready-made templates that can be set up in a couple of clicks. However, you’ll still need to decide on one essential element: your website colour scheme. Read on to learn how colour psychology affects your brand image.

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What guests expect from online check-in, from airlines to hotels

Airlines have been enhancing the guest experience for years with online check-in. Travellers feel reassured in the knowledge that their personal information has been submitted securely, and their preferences have been noted by the airline. And crucially, that they don’t have to waste time later at the airport.

By using a familiar technology at your own hotel property, you can simplify the administrative part of your guests’ experience and raise customer satisfaction using online check-in tools.

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How to increase guest satisfaction through guest personalisation

No two guests are the same. The expectations of business travellers, families or groups of friends are vastly different: from noise levels and internet requirements, to activities and desired amenities. What’s more, guests are expecting hotel rooms to feel like home – and their stays to feel personalised. In fact, 86% of consumers say personalisation plays a role in their decision to make a purchase. So how can you personalise the guest experience more at your property?

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Check out our 6 tips for using Google My Business to increase your traffic – and your revenue

If you have a business – and your business has a website – then Google always needs to be on your radar. It’s the key to getting people to visit (and book) on your site – and armed with a few key tips, you can get the most out of your online presence. Ultimately, these are the kind of actions that make the difference between guests making a booking and simply never knowing you existed. “Check out our 6 tips for using Google My Business to increase your traffic – and your revenue”Continue reading
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Go behind the scenes at ITB Berlin 2019

In a constantly evolving industry, it’s crucial for businesses to stay one step ahead. At ITB Berlin 2019 we talked to leading technology providers that are out there to help you stay competitive in the hospitality industry, improve the guest experience and future-proof your business.

At ITB Berlin BookingSuite announced the launch of the new BookingSuite App Store. The BookingSuite App Store is a one-stop shop for accommodation partners to find relevant software solutions for their property that they can implement in just a few clicks, including a free trial period for all products and services.

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Global rollout of the new and improved BookingButton

BookingSuite is excited to announce the global rollout the new and improved BookingButton. All bookings that a property generates through their BookingButton are 100% commission free, come with instant confirmation and include 24/7 support from the customer service team. BookingButton is an easy-to-use solution that enables properties of all sizes to capture more bookings across their online channels. “Global rollout of the new and improved BookingButton”Continue reading
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