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Upselling: how to earn extra revenue (and how apps can help you)

For many people around the world, love will soon be in the air. Not only will they shower loved ones with affection on Valentine’s Day, they’ll spend big too – the average American spent 144 dollars in 2018.

We look at how you can boost your income around key calendar dates by offering guests upgrades and extras at just the right time.

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4 reasons why you only need one property website

In the online hotel business, having more of something usually leads to success. Bookings, guests, market share – you can’t have enough of those. There’s one exception though. Property websites. In this post, we explain why having multiple websites only leads to more work, more costs and more confusion among potential guests.

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5 ways to wow guests with technology

From cars to smartphones, technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s essentials – so it pays to be ahead of the curve. In fact, in a recent study, 60% of guests said they’d pay more to stay in a property with smart devices. Here are five smart technologies that will help modernise your property.

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