Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo

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Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo is a stunning hotel with 116 rooms, situated along one of the most vibrant shopping streets in Milan: Corso Buenos Aires. The hotel offers an incredible spa with a variety of services and amenities including a Turkish sauna and hot spring bath. Cristoforo Colombo loves Rate Manager and here’s what they have to say:

Can you tell us about your experience with RateManager so far?

“RateManager helped us save time as we immediately focus on the dates shown in red on the calendar, for both closed dates and future periods. This is a huge time saver, especially in busy periods.”

How has RateManager helped your business?

“RateManager certainly helps us make a final pricing decision. All the data is correct and reliable. The system works exceptionally well and it is very useful!”

Apart from RateManager’s rate recommendations, what else is helping you define your rates?

“I always look at the market demand for future weeks as it gives me a great overview of the dates that are popular to our (potential) customers. This also helps us decide the final price strategy.”

– Helena Oldani, Revenue Manager, BookingSuite partner since January 2016.