Suite Home Saran

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Located near Orléans, Suite-Home Saran offers suites and apartments and welcomes mainly business guests. The property’s high-season is from June to September. Suite-Home’s Managing Director loves RateManager and here’s what he has to say:

Has RateManager helped to save you time?

“Yes, RateManager has been a huge time saver for us, and on top of that, the tool has allowed us to be much more proactive and accurate when it comes to setting our rates. RateManager helps me make pricing decisions quickly and efficiently.”

How has RateManager helped you run your business?

“In the past, we relied heavily on our staff to act as a revenue management tool, which was extremely costly and time consuming. With RateManager, we can rely on a tool instead of people and we have already seen the benefits here… Now we can empower our staff by having them be more available to our guests!”

– Xavier Simon, Director, BookingSuite partner since January 2016.