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The Ultimate Comeback for Quality Hotel Parnell


Situated at the gateway to New Zealand amid Auckland’s most desirable attractions, Quality Hotel Parnell has always been poised for success.

General Manager Wayne Darbyshire understands that every property, chain or not, has a unique story to tell, and says there was never a time when considered not having a property website.

Previously, Quality Hotel Parnell used an agency that managed all of its content. Wayne, like many hoteliers, faced the issue of the agency’s pace and fee when it came to making even the simplest changes. It could take weeks, not to mention a hefty hole in the pocket.




Even worse, the agency controlled all of the hotel’s accounts, passwords, and optimization, which led Hotel Parnell to a search engine optimized (SEO) crisis. The agency was using black hat SEO tricks to rank higher on Google without Wayne’s knowledge. Once Google caught wind of this, the hotel was penalized and ultimately disappeared from Google altogether.

Wayne knew it was time for a change.

Even though the hotel was still suffering from a great decrease in business due to Google’s penalizations, business grew during its first month live, receiving 54 direct bookings, with revenue of around $15,788 that month.

With our product, Hotel Parnell has more than doubled those numbers.
In the past month alone the hotel has received 131 direct bookings with revenue of $35,420+.

Since joining, Hotel Parnell’s total revenue has skyrocketed to over $146,000. Quality Hotel Parnell’s improvement has been unbelievable, especially taking into account the slow start due to the SEO crisis.

“The first three months, our revenue through the website was $26,500. The first quarter of this year revenue was close to $97,000. If you compare quarter to quarter, it’s nearly three times more,” Wayne said. “We actually consider this a partnership more than just using your website,” Wayne said.


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