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Lauren And Mark’s Crazy High ROI In La Jolla


La Valencia, a historic San Diego hotel that first opened its doors in 1926, was under the same ownership for 65 years until they finally sold the hotel three years ago. Since then, Mark Dibella has been in charge of renovation and repositioning at the hotel, while Lauren Laddusaw has been in charge of renovating the hotel’s online presence for about a year.

To get the most of their renovations both on- and offline, Lauren and Mark wanted a website solution that made their marketing model more agile and responsive to the customer and that allowed them to make changes in real time on the property. After a visit to BookingSuite’s website and a peek at our offerings, the fit seemed natural.

“From the financial end, why wouldn’t people go to this model,” Mark stated, referring to BookingSuite’s cloud-based model.

Mark and Lauren wanted to ensure that their website clearly displayed each type of room–something their old website did not allow. With BookingSuite, they had an easy time putting all of the necessary information to clearly identify each room type under “Accommodations,” which without a doubt helped increase bookings and ADR according to Mark.




The increased autonomy in their online marketing efforts on the BookingSuite platform has also streamlined their digital marketing operations. Instead of painfully relying on a third party to line up promotions, Mark, Lauren, and the rest of the La Valencia team can quickly set up promotions, make changes to the site and more. This means more efficient operations and more creative power in the hands of the La Valencia team.

“BookingSuite’s always there whenever there’s a problem,” Lauren said. “I have to say the customer service has been excellent. I’ve never gone more than thirty minutes or an hour without someone getting back to me” and Mark added “That’s a big deal. That’s unprecedented for a vendor.”


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