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The HRH Group is a collection of classic British hotels and charming inns in historic Yorkshire. The hotel’s four and five star rated bedrooms, award-winning food and relaxed settings attract guests year round. HRH loves using RateManager and here’s what they have to say:

Has RateManager helped to save you time or effort?

“Not only is RateManager efficient – it has made me more efficient too! Using RateManager enables me to ensure that prices for each of our five properties are competitive on a daily basis for the next 360 days, thereby ensuring year round competitiveness and subsequently enhancing our ability to attract and retain guests.”

Has RateManager solved your previous pain points?

“Yes, RateManager automatically brings together a considerable amount of data to generate information that historically I have spent hours manually compiling.”

-Dominick Jackson, Head of Revenue Management, BookingSuite partner since May 2016.

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