Hotell Sköna Nätter

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Hotell Sköna Nätter Increases Revenue with RateManager Autopilot

Results with RateManager & Autopilot After turning on the Autopilot feature on March 12, 2016, Hotell Sköna Nätter has seen an increase in RevPar of 20% in both April and May. “Our occupancy has remained about the same, but we are making more money. Our revenue has increased by 500,000 SEK in the last year, and this is because of BookingSuite RateManager.” – Tomas Okockis, General Manager

Tell us about your experience with Autopilot.

“I am really, really happy with the Autopilot feature; it is exactly what I was looking for….Having the ability to turn on Autopilot gives me more time to do the other things necessary to run my business.”

How has autopilot affected your day to day?

“With Autopilot, I can still keep an eye on the rates and ensure I am happy with the recommendations; it just makes my job easier! I can sleep well and arrive in the morning and see that the rates have been pushed flawlessly.” “I couldn’t be happier with Autopilot…It is a reassuring feeling to know all of my rates are always updated.”