Hotel Terme Venezia


Hotel Terme Venezia is a lovely 4-star hotel in the heart of Abano Terme. The hotel was built in 1947 and is equipped with a luxurious thermal spa area, and an excellent restaurant. Hotel Terme Venezia loves using RateManager, and here’s what they have to say:

Tell us about your experience with RateManager.

“I took an immediate liking to RateManager because of its user-friendly interface. Access to market insights made easy by has helped me improve the revenue of my hotel. Thanks to RateManager we have a good overview of our market. Plus, the impact on our expenses is lower than with any other revenue management system.”

What is your favorite feature?

“The auto-pilot feature is amazing. Additionally, my dashboard gives me a real-time overview of my hotel‘s business volume.”

– Riccardo Panzarini, Hotel Manager, BookingSuite partner since March 2016.