Hotel Santa Cristina Petit Spa

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Hotel Santa Cristina Petit Spa is a gorgeous hotel in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees. The hotel is perfectly located in a touristic area which attracts thousands of visitors every year. The property and its green surroundings are an ideal place to enjoy nature, spa services and delicious cuisine. Santa Cristina is using two BookingSuite products: RateManager and a property website. This is what they think about us:

How does RateManager help your property?

“RateManager has helped me analyze the competitive field in real time, and exponentially increase RevPAR (+10%) Due to its seasonal character, it has been crucial to increase ADR and occupancy even in critical months with low demand”

What about your experience with BookingSuite Property Websites?

“We have increased online visibility as well as our brand awareness right from the start with BookingSuite. We have noticed a high increase in number of reservations in both BookingSuite as well as”

– Fernando Iranzo, Director, BookingSuite partner since November 2015.