Hotel Post Wien

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Hotel Post Wien is a traditional, privately-run hotel in the heart of Vienna’s old town. The hotel’s typical Viennese style, combined with its prime location attracts guests from all over the world. Hotel Post loves RateManager and here’s what they have to say:

Can you tell us about your experience before RateManager, and why you chose to sign up for RateManager?

“Before RateManager, I had to calculate my rates manually, which was very time consuming. I decided to go with RateManager because it offers various functionalities and allows me to be flexible.”

What do you like about RateManager?

“I like that RateManager considers more than just historical data in its calculations. RateManager is easy to use… now I update my rates more often than I used to.”

What kind of ROI have you seen with RateManager?

“The amortization of the investment was visible as of the first month… my revenue increased noticeably.”

– Peter Fraihs, General Manager, BookingSuite partner since March 2016.