Hôtel Le Glacier

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Hôtel Le Glacier, located in the heart of Orange, is a family-run hotel that has been family owned since 1947. Three generations later, the hotel has increased their capacity and made many improvements, including their beautiful and uniquely decorated rooms. Hôtel Le Glacier’s General Manager loves RateManager and here’s what he has to say:

Tell us about your experience before using RateManager.

“For a small property like ours, revenue management systems can be too costly and hiring a ‘human’ specialist is not only expensive, but could result in mistakes. Then we learned about RateManager, a reliable product, at an affordable price, without any constraint. It’s so handy!”

What is your favorite aspect of the tool?

“Being a BookingSuite partner allows us to have visibility into demand data on Booking.com. It’s really something reliable.”

What else do you like about the tool?

“I like the user-friendly interface, it’s really simple. The synthetic presentation of the information surfaces the key information I need, and if we want to go further into details, we can!”

– Philippe Boudoin, General Manager, BookingSuite partner since March 2016.