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Doug Finds The Ideal Guest Experience


Hospitality industry veteran, Doug Smith of the Holiday Inn Orlando Lake Buena Vista, first came to Orlando in 1977 and has been working with hotels in some fashion ever since, usually in legacy sales roles. Doug has seen it all in terms of e-commerce for hotel and has had his finger on the pulse of the of the online hotel industry since it began. From his vast experience, Doug knows the holy grail of digital marketing success for hotels: Get your website visitors to convert with your hotel instead of the competition.

While Doug was not unhappy with his previous online marketing provider, he wanted a website design that fit his ideal guest-experience. With the meteoric rise of tablet and smartphone usage, Doug wanted a website that gave his target customers to the Walt Disney World® resort a more seamless booking experience, especially on their tablets.




BookingSuite’s Boulevard blueprint fit the mold Doug was looking for in a hotel website. Doug was able to cut 80 percent of the text from his website and let the full-screen, high-quality photography do the heavy lifting.

Doug loves how his website is constantly being enhanced on the backend with no effort on his part. Our innovative engineers constantly update the platform, keeping BookingSuite in pace with technology on the backend. Doug can rest assured that his site is always up to date and in step with Google’s changes. This is the perk of software as a service that Doug digs the most.

The results? Since Doug has joined BookingSuite, room nights booked on his website have increased by about 20 percent on average. Even better, room nights are up 25 percent. Doug’s vision is on point and he is confident in our product to make his vision for Holiday Inn Orlando located in the Walt Disney World® Resort come to life.



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