Comfort Suites Rapid City

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A Monumental Makeover for Comfort Suites Rapid City


As a unique addition to the Choice family, Comfort Suites Rapid City in South Dakota realizes there is always opportunity for personalization. The hotel was able to harness its distinctiveness through a future-proofed property-level website by BookingSuite.

Recently, General Manager Davis Dathe and Sales and Marketing Director Deb Bruce were in search of a way to personalize the hotel’s website.

Before BookingSuite, Comfort Suites Rapid City relied on a local company to build their website. One of the difficulties of using this company was that it took two weeks to a month to update content. With endless activities and spectacular photos to share with potential guests, this situation was far from ideal for Davis and Deb, who needed to be able to change content quickly.




With a little assistance from BookingSuite, the Comfort Suites Rapid City team was able to create enriching content and market to the world—across all devices.

BookingSuite provided a sharp, responsive website on the front end, plus built-in analytics and an easy-to-use content management system on the backend. Davis and Deb now enjoy updating their content themselves, quickly and easily.

In Comfort Suites Rapid City’s first year with BookingSuite, they have more than doubled their revenue!

“Our website shows more personalization, which helps with bookings. When visitors come to our website, they see our distinctive property, not just a corporate website,” said Davis.

Davis, clearly an analytical enthusiast, is thoroughly impressed when it comes to the backend and analytical aspects of BookingSuite.

“We can see from our analytics that we are getting a very good return on investment,” said Davis. “Knowing where my bookings are coming from helps me to reach our target audiences better, which allows us to get the most bang for our buck!”

Deb and Davis are also excited to be reaching visitors on all devices. In fact, 20% of their bookings came from mobile in just the last 30 days.

Deb elaborated: “When you pull up our website on a phone, the images look clean and crisp with easy navigation. It is very important to be optimized for mobile. With [BookingSuite] our site is automatically optimized for all devices.”